Free Ferris Wheel rides for faculty!

Raghu Parthasarathy, physics professor (and blogger at passes on this post from Around the O, and asks me if I know what this is costing, who is paying, and why:

Ferris wheel will take a spin around campus on Oct. 4

A Ferris wheel will greet Ducks as they come back to school this fall.

Student activities board members decided to bring the ride to campus to kick off the school year, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Oct. 4 at the Erb Memorial Union Green. Current students, staff members and faculty members can ride for free after presenting their UO ID cards and signing an activity waiver. …

Other than the repeating the well known economic theorem that “There is no such thing as a free Ferris Wheel”, I know nothing. Does anyone?

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  1. Anas clypeata says:


  2. Adopted Handle says:

    The Student Activities Board is a program in the Center for Student Involvement, which is itself a department of the EMU. EMU is I-fee funded, and my understanding is that the EMU board manages the budget approved by ASUO as a whole.

    “The sixteen-member board consists of twelve students (seven elected in a campus-wide election and five direct appointments from either EMU programs or the ASUO), three faculty members appointed by the UO President and one EMU staff member elected by their peers.”

  3. Dog says:

    This wheel is rigged to eject recalcitrant professors at relativistic fields and Raghu is just calling attention to the opportunity so that us recalcitrant show up

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