Faculty Club celebrates 3rd anniversary

Dear Colleagues,

The Faculty Club—your very own “study break” from midterm exam grading—is open during the usual hours this week, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:00 to 8:00.

Last week’s Halloween celebration was festive, with a spooky “signature cocktail” and more than half of the attendees in costume. The prize for best costume was shared by Christopher Minson and Andrew Lovering, (Human Physiology), who arrived in oversized, motorized inflatable Toy Story character costumes—clearly out-gunning the competition.

This week we celebrate the third anniversary of the re-founding of the Faculty Club. Yes, our first gathering was in November 2016, the day after that historic presidential election. On that day, and ever since, the club has provided a venue for brainy peers to digest and discuss the craziness of the world. We’ll mark the anniversary with a special toast Thursday evening.

As always, please remember that all faculty members are able and encouraged to bring guests—we hope to see you one or both nights this week.

Yours, James Harper
Chair of the Faculty Club Board

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6 Responses to Faculty Club celebrates 3rd anniversary

  1. honest Uncle Gangsta says:

    Is that the notorious toxic “club” that reportedly “reeks of white male privilege”?

    • uomatters says:

      The bartenders will take any faculty’s money and give them a generous pour. Guests too – even UO’s General Counsel, if he still has any friends on the faculty who will invite him.

  2. Prof and mom with a low salary. Outrageous! says:

    Ah! The faculty club. It sounds really nice. Maybe some day when my kids are all grown up I can go. But until then, I need to rush home.
    I need to clean my house and make dinner and do 4 hours of household-related work after the official UO workday is over. Enjoy the gathering.

    • Classified and mom with hourly wage says:

      I feel like you’re making a point but I’m not sure what it is (maybe because I’m not faculty). If I were invited and there was free food I’d so be there!

  3. James Harper says:

    Dear Prof & Mom,
    I’m writing as the chair of the Faculty Club board. The FC did, for a while, actually offer child care. It was run by the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art’s staff of trained art educators, in the museum’s art studio (under the same roof as the Faculty Club).
    However, the service was underused–often my own children were the only ones there–and the museum decided to stop providing it. Parents (myself included) still sometimes bring their children along, and you’d be welcome to do so too.

  4. uomatters says:

    I grew up at faculty clubs and parties at Bucknell and UVa. My parents would put us on a couch to sleep then carry us out to the station wagon and drive home. Pre-Uber.