Melania Trump schools Mike Schill on free speech

Compare FLOTUS Melania Trump’s response to student protests during her recent speech in Baltimore, to UO President Mike Schill’s response to student protests during his 2017 State of the University address in the EMU:

Trump’s response on Tuesday, from the RG:

Melania Trump defends rights of Baltimore teens to boo her

BALTIMORE (AP) ” Melania Trump on Tuesday defended the rights of teenagers who booed her when she addressed them in Baltimore, a city her husband, President Donald Trump, has disparaged as ‘rat and rodent infested.’

She traveled there to urge hundreds of middle and high school students to avoid misusing drugs, saying that would make it harder for them to achieve their life’s goals. But her remarks drew a mix of boos and cheers, and the audience remained noisy throughout her five-minute address.

It is highly unusual for a first lady to be booed at a public appearance. Mrs. Trump released a statement hours after she had returned to the White House, defending the principle of freedom of expression while reaffirming her commitment to the issue that drew her to Baltimore.

Schill’s administration’s response 2 years ago, full post here.

Admin declares student protester guilty, then starts conduct code investigation

I’m no law professor, but I think this is the reverse of the preferred sequencing.

Page down for the video of UO spokesperson Tobin Klinger last Friday, declaring that “the demonstration actually violated university policy”.  Today the “UO Student Collective” facebook page posts this message from Sandy Weintraub, Director of Student Conduct, calling one of the students into his office to begin the process of an investigation under the student conduct code:


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  1. Anon says:

    I hope that our Board of Trustees will add Melania Trump to its secret list of presidential candidates, and that their search firm will point out to her that this job is a safe distance from the White House, comes with a private residence, and that the UO Police have experience enforcing restraining orders against abusive partners.

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