Michael Schill and Jean Michel Basquiat at Faculty Club this week

Dear Colleagues,

The Faculty Club [go through the doors of the Art Museum and turn right] is open during the usual hours this week, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:00 to 8:00.

Right upstairs from the Faculty Club, in the galleries of the JSMA, are some great short-term loans that will only be up a few weeks more.  Since the galleries are open late on Wednesdays, why not pair a visit to the Faculty Club with a visit to Jean Michel Basquiat’s “Untitled,” a dramatic 8-foot canvas by the graffiti-inspired shooting star of the 1980’s art world.  But no heroin overdoses for you—the Faculty Club only serves beer, cider, wine, liquor and equally attractive non-alcoholic beverages.

Then Thursday evening UO president Michael Schill will be there to give the six-o-clock toast and to chat with all who would like to show up.  If you’d like to get a word in with the president, or just see what makes him tick, come on down!

We hope to see you one or both nights this week, and remind you that next week we’ll be closed for Thanksgiving Recess.

Yours, James Harper, Chair of the Faculty Club Board

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2 Responses to Michael Schill and Jean Michel Basquiat at Faculty Club this week

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    A good chance to talk with Pres Schill about unionization, woke culture, and social justice. I’m sure he will appreciate it!

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