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Pres Schill and Kevin Reed continue work to weaken shared governance

Long story. Back in 2012 Interim UO President Bob Berdahl commissioned this memo from then General Counsel Randy Geller, on how he could disband the UO Senate and ensure its former committees were staffed with his lackeys. Snippets:

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 1.00.28 PM

This abolitionist effort failed. President Schill has adopted a more indirect, long term approach to weakening the Senate and shared governance.

Here’s the latest example. Last year, as Senate President I appointed a faculty member to the Campus Planning Committee who was skeptical of President Schill’s plans to develop the North Campus. The CPC has no real power, it just makes recommendations. You’d think there’d be no problem having a skeptic on it. Some might welcome one.

Not President Schill, whose response to this appointment was to unleash the full force of his office against it. He had his Liaison to the Senate Melanie Muenzer, devote hours of her time, staff time, summer law student intern time, and Senate Leadership time to argue that the President appointed the faculty members of the CPC, not the Senate. Now he’s got his General Counsel Kevin Reed to issue this 5 page memo, with a 20 page appendix, supporting his effort to control who makes recommendations to him and the campus about campus planning:

Full doc here.


  1. Dog 11/13/2019

    yet another idiotic and colossal waste of time to make an issue out of a non-issue; all skeptical faculty shall be scheduled for yardarm hanging on the now kind of flesh tone Phil Knight phallus …

    said faculty will also have the portraits placed in a derogatory manner in the elite pedestrian bridge across campus

    I though Social Darwinism was over ….

  2. Richard Bohloff 11/14/2019

    Well shoot, Schill never would have been hired if he was just going to sit back and let people say or think whatever they wanted. Somehow he’s still better than Gottfredson.

    • Dog 11/14/2019

      he is better than Gott because he can actually speak a full sentence and maintain eye contact …

  3. Conservative duck 11/14/2019

    Who does the University of Oregon serve? Sounds like mammon to me…

    • Dog 11/14/2019

      Serving the state, the nation, and the world since 1876.

  4. It's classified. 11/15/2019

    Transparent is to reflection, as translucent is to _______?

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