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CAS Admin gives Faculty Union some credit for 2020 merit raises

Just kidding, of course they don’t:

The MOU between UAUO and the UO Administration is here. The TTF merit pool is 1.625% by department and the NTTF merit pool is 2.125%, so if your raise is more than that you are excellenter than the rest of your department.

For TTF, the union also negotiated a 0.5% university-wide pool for external equity raises. Expect an announcement about those in a few weeks. For the external equity raises, you can see the comparator data, by department and rank, here. Although these data are a bit dated, basically if the “UO Avg as % of AAU PUBLIC Peers Avg” for your department/rank is lower than 90%, you can also expect an external equity raise in your January paycheck.


  1. Copy Editor 12/23/2019


    Could you please fix your cut and paste error that reads as follows?

    “UO Avg as % of AAU PUBLIC Peers Avg UO Rank Avg vs. U”

    • uomatters Post author | 12/23/2019

      Whoops, thanks, fixed.

  2. Happy New Year 12/31/2019

    Ay ay ay ay
    First, I am grateful for the union and what it achieved for us.
    I did get a very high % raise but my salary is still 20,000 under my department’s average which is way below the UO average which is way below the AAU average.
    High percentage raise of making peanuts is still peanuts.

  3. Disgruntled Grunt 01/23/2020

    It seems that CAS made a decision not to send emails to those who didn’t receive a merit raise. This choice has left many in the dark about whether they will eventually receive a raise in their January paycheck. I’m sure these employees would appreciate thanks for their “hard work and effort.”

    • Dog 01/23/2020

      CAS, Decisions?

      surely your joking …

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