Board of Trustees to authorize $12M for UO’s emergency coronavirus response

Just kidding, they’re going to authorize $12M for the biggest big screen in big time college football, apparently paid for by tax-deductible Duck donations solicited by AD Rob Mullens, while VP for academic development Mike Andreassen was asleep at the wheel.

Not what the legislature had in mind when they passed SB 270 and gave UO it’s own independent board, and not likely to lead them to increase tax funding for UO’s academic budget next cycle:


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8 Responses to Board of Trustees to authorize $12M for UO’s emergency coronavirus response

  1. Botnotformeeugene says:

    “You should be thankful there is a faculty seat at all..” why? Our only representative seats have no decision making power even if student staff and faculty voted as a block. Check out

  2. oh Really? says:

    Athletics is notorious for shorting network services when they need technology upgrades and additions, which then becomes a “shared cost” on the non-athletic programs. Yet somehow athletics can earmark enough money for this item — hope they worked in the costs of UO techs and Campus planning costs.

    • uomatters says:

      Please give us more specifics about Athletics and NS or point me toward somewhere to find some examples. One of the reasons Moffitt gives for setting their overhead rate so low is that they claim they provide their own network services.

  3. Old Gray Mare says:

    You see a video board. I see a way to deliver a large lecture class remotely.

  4. Richard Bohloff says:

    What do you mean about the legislative procesd? This is exactly what was proposed to the legislature, and this is exactly.why the governor appointed each Board member. You should be thankful there is a faculty seat at all, because that is what was not part of the original plan. It was a huge sacrifice for those who bought seats at the table.

  5. eugenenative says:

    Shouldn’t the extensive advertising shown on that video screen pay for its acquisition?

    • uomatters says:

      You sound like someone who’s spent some time in Autzen. Please give me and my readers some examples, to help them understand.

  6. New Year Cat says:

    If they are that flush, perhaps this year faculty will get TWO goats?

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