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Coronavirus leads to suspension of sacred Oregon tradition

No, this is not the one where boomers yell at people running in circles at Hayward Field. This is serious. The RG has the story:


  1. honest Uncle Bernie 03/28/2020

    Another thing: my understanding is that merchants are no longer taking returned bottles. I saw a canner collecting these out of trash barrels, hoping to get some dough, and being turned away. What a win for sanity!

    • uomatters Post author | 03/28/2020

      Any truth to rumors Gov Brown will finally legalize OSU’s home nuclear reactor technology?

      • Fishwrapper 03/28/2020

        Mr. Fusion?

      • honest Uncle Bernie 03/30/2020

        uom — dunno, I haven’t heard about this — would be a big step — Lane County’s status as official nuclear free zone in jeopardy? Another blow to UO viv a vis OSU? They have the new hip green energy source, the major online program in the new age of remote learning — we are left with the underfinanced Knight Campus and the Phildo, plus the suddenly defunct foreign student model.

        Seriously, will UO survive in anything like its state of just three months ago?

        • Fishwrapper 03/30/2020

          UO can advance the field by finding a useful way to dispose of all that hip green, and long-life hazardous waste byproduct. That would be an exponentially bigger advancement in the field.

      • zach 04/05/2020

        use Google and see the Corvallis paper article about it – search keywords “nuscale marks regulatory milestone” in other words I think it is not just a rumor (unfortunately)

  2. Charles D 03/28/2020

    This actually increases the likelihood of transmitting the virus from the pump handle. Let drivers put their credit cards into the slot but have the attendant pump the gas.

  3. Anonymous 03/28/2020

    you mean I have to go to delaware now to get gas …

    • Hippo 03/28/2020

      You mean New Jersey?

      • uomatters Post author | 03/28/2020

        I think he did. It’s a different exit on the turnpike though. Learned that the hard way.

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