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Pres Schill to deliver remote State of UO & coronavirus town hall

Today at 2:30:

Submit your questions for UO leadership now using an anonymous webform or emailing [email protected]. You can also submit questions during the live event by emailing [email protected].

Expectations are high:

Meanwhile in bathrooms across Eugene, faculty begin their remote lectures with the tools they have on hand:


  1. Dogmatic Ratios 03/30/2020

    Since COVID testing is critically important, can the UO’s biology labs be repurposed into a major testing center? I understand staffing would a bigger issue than the technical and training difficulties …

    Medical schools all over the world are doing this. We don’t have one, but our wet labs are the best equipped in our area. There won’t be any other lab work done until next year anyway, unfortunately.

    • ScienceDuck 03/31/2020

      There have been some assessments of equipment and personnel experience for this purpose. Some equipment has been moved out. But I don’t know if anything is solid yet.

      • Protoduction 04/02/2020

        There are a lot of positive goings-on related to community support from UO’s research arm. The UO isn’t focused on PR opportunities at the moment, which is good for many reasons. We must first do the good – there will be a better time to pat our collective selves on the dorsal regions – no time to divide up the focus budget at the moment –

    • zach 04/04/2020

      I am afraid the highest admin priority now is to maintain campus as it is now – well guarded and empty……Darwin will sort out the rest.

  2. Dog 03/31/2020

    after the first day of giving two classes in remote learning mode, I am ready to write, in 4 point font, on my shower walls – seems just as effective. Also, I feel like clown delivering content from my garage.

  3. Simplicius Simplicissimus 04/01/2020

    But of course it’s “remote” … always was. Can’t wait ….

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