UO Foundation’s Paul Weinhold and Jay Namyet each get $500K+

From the UO Foundation’s IRS 990 form, here:

Where does their pay come from? When you give to UO to support our students, the money goes through the Foundation. They take 5% off the top.

Do they charge Phil Knight the same percentage for the ~$250M Hayward Field? For the $12M Jumbotron? For the 2021 2022 Track & Field Championships? Good questions.

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7 Responses to UO Foundation’s Paul Weinhold and Jay Namyet each get $500K+

  1. vhils says:

    That’s a simple answer, once a donor has given more than 20 million to UO they no longer pay gift fees. Seeing that he’s given easily over a billion dollars to academic and athletics, he ain’t getting charged 5%.

    • uomatters says:

      So it’s the small donors who end up paying the salaries for Weinhold and Namyet? Seems perverse – in the economic sense, I mean.

  2. vhils says:

    I don’t know enough about foundation costs/salaries in this country to have any idea if they’re overpaid or not, but all financial institutions use fees to pay costs – pretty sure you’d be much more unhappy if academic side paid for it. As for small donors footing the bill, what (economic) world do you live in where the wealthy don’t have the biggest advantages when it comes to financial tools, that ain’t even close to special to the UO.