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Johnson Hall de-flagged today, after customer request to CPFM

Nice crane. Probably more than needed to de-name Deady. Maybe some customer will request that soon?

Well worth following them on twitter, many excellent photos of campus and their good work. More on JH here and here.


  1. Bob Keefer 06/09/2020

    Can CPFM be called in to remove the Phildo and return Hayward Field to something closer to its original state?

    • Dog 06/09/2020

      How about simply replacing the removed flagpole from JH with the Phildo now placed on top of JH ….

  2. Essential Worker 06/09/2020

    That job would go to Phil’s hand picked contractors that do not have to pay prevailing wages. You can term this as “getting the double Phil”.

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