16 Responses to UO PR flacks abuse Duck footballers in bad mask modeling

  1. ScienceDuck says:

    Follow-up to a similar response:
    Rita Radostitz @RitaRadostitz 18h
    Beautiful. But where are their masks? #MasksSaveLives #BeAGoodExample

    University of Oregon @uoregon
    Replying to @RitaRadostitz and @oregonfootball
    This photo was taken on the 6th of July when masks were not required for outdoor activity.

  2. Elliot Berkman says:

    Thanks for the info, ScienceDuck. I wrote that tweet and will clarify. UO Communications needs to help set norms about masks and social distancing. That means being clear and consistent in setting explicit and implicit expectations. It is irresponsible to send out messaging that shows influential people on campus such as athletes not wearing masks, regardless of when the photo was taken.

  3. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    How is the headline acceptable now?

    If there was anything wrong with their behavior, it was in not distancing — which is probably much more significant than masks or lack thereof.

    But — they are outdoors in what is probably very breezy air. Probably little risk standing together for a few seconds for a picture!

    Far safer probably than will be spending an hour, masked and distanced, in one of UO’s poorly ventilated classrooms, with a professor bellowing and students yakking.

    Now we are getting a lot of info about that, right?

    • Dog says:

      and that, they just teleported there?
      what about the Van ride up there …
      breezy air indeed

      • honest Uncle Bernie says:

        I’m talking about the picture.

        Van ride? Concerned about virus?

        Easy, open windows part way. Probably far safer than most indoor space on campus will be.

        • Indoor space as in convention floor. Elbow to elbow. My young Ducks have the excuse of youth but pumpkin head has nothing but seeds. Since we Americans have the most freedom on the planet, shouldn’t we show the rest of the world how to use it. Ducks Rule Baby!


    • uomatters says:

      How’s this? “UO PR flacks abuse Duck footballers in bad mask modeling”

      • honest Uncle Bernie says:

        Better, keep trying.

        I suggest you study Trump’s tweets sone more.

        Or if that is too advanced — a consultation with a UO PR flak.

  4. New Year Cat says:

    Also if you are hiking you might unexpectedly run into other people not of your group. You should be considerate of others and wear a mask to protect them.

    • Dog says:

      being considerate to others …

      didn’t that die in November 2016?

      • Fishwrapper says:

        Not for everyone. (We just don’t have the same platform by which to model considerate behavior to a global audience, so, naturally, a lot of people think it’s dead and gone…)

  5. Ronnie says:

    explOregon was a very popular program among international, exchange, and study abroad returnee students, supported by the tiny portion allocated by Johnson Hall to Dennis Galvan out of the $200/term fee assessed to anyone with a visa. Dennis promptly cut it when his books looked rough last year and to this day international students are still wondering what in the world their $200/term is used for. https://isss.uoregon.edu/student-life (still listed publicly for show).
    Now here’s the football team rubbing it in, stealing the hashtag.

  6. ODA says:

    This did not offend me. ALL the football players are in the same social bubble. They will be studying, eating, doing 2 or 3 a days, exercising, working out, together, etc. (True I guess MLB NBA have had bubble problems).

    That Said Dr. Berkman makes a good point that a PR flackie could use this as an opportunity to broadcast good social norms to the rest of the people on campus.

    • ScienceDuck says:

      The bubbling thing is a good step, but wow, is it going to be even close to enough? Or the weekly testing or whatever the Ducks are doing? The Marlins had 25% of the team test positive over the weekend. They have every resource thrown at them to keep them from spreading and yet they still weren’t able to stop it at one case. To be safe the whole team should quarantine because even if they weren’t in close contact they were in close contact with someone who was. All these college coaches are saying earnestly that the games will go on but they live in a bubble where those games come before any other consideration by a long shot…and like a bubble it is going to pop. Sorry, not really on topic.

      • uomatters says:

        No off-topic apology necessary. Ducks, Marlins, I got no idea. Points for keeping it aquatic? At this point we’re all free-associating.

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