Oregon-Ohio State football game to be canceled

It was scheduled for Sep 12 at Autzen. Ryan Thorburn has the news in the RG here.

Word is that Duck AD Rob Mullens and Coach Cristobal will personally make up any losses to their players’ pay or bonuses.

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11 Responses to Oregon-Ohio State football game to be canceled

  1. Dog says:

    as said earlier

    Big 10 conference says no non-conference games – so this is
    not a UO or an OSU decision

    • AnotherClassified says:

      North Dakota State and Hawaii are $crewed for their cupcake paychecks. They are visiting teams to Autzengrad. But, the AD will really be $crewed with the loss of dozens of millions of dollars of revenue to float their budget to pay salary and support other sport when it all gets shut down. And, then too, is the IMG thing happening. Look to Spring for F2F academics and athletics — it’s like the Charge of the Light Brigade the Admin is ordering. It’s going to be a rough ride all around…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks like four players came back with positive results (7/20/2020). Testing occurred last Monday (7/13/2020). Did they all just keep practicing until results came back? Yeesh.

    • uomatters says:

      What makes you say they were players? I thought Kevin Reed was claiming that was protected by FERPA.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve been cross referencing the Lane County COVID 19 dashboard with the UO COVID positive list.

        Up until yesterday, Lane County had only 5 African American positives. Now, its 9. Check that against the UO disclosure of four students testing positive as of yesterday. Roughly 550/23,000 African American students in the UO population. Plus, few else are on campus to be infected.

        Also, I checked in with a player about their COVID testing schedule. It fits only if there is a week-long gap between testing and results which is yuck.

        Apparently they’re not even telling the players about positives on the team so the students have to practice & socialize blind.

        • Environmental necessity says:

          If what you assert is true – that they are testing but not notifying positive athletes- that is truly evil. I have to doubt that is true.

          • Anonymous says:

            The positive athletes know. For example, a recent positive case, very high-profile athlete, recently decamped, so he knows and has lost faith in the program as a result.

            The team as a whole is not given info as to who is testing positive. You have to assume guys disappear for two weeks, which would be an obvious sign. That is still problematic for support staff, other campus employees, etc., and hampers efficient harm-reduction.

            • uomatters says:

              Wouldn’t the contract tracers be contacting all the other athletes?

              • Anonymous says:

                Right!? You would think. That’s not what I’m hearing.

                The position coaches and medical staff repeatedly downplay the effects of the disease (see the ridiculous hand sanitizer PSA vid form March), as well as minimize the chance that students will contract it (which now students clearly have while in the hands of the program). My guess is that they get to supersede contract tracing for the same reason they sneaked a bunch of workouts and full-team practices in last spring, even after campus had been shut down: because they want to and they are not bound by the same rules or ethics as you and I.

        • uomatters says:

          If you have anything verifiable on this, I encourage you to send it to reporter Ken Goe, [email protected].