Comments are working again

Update: I switched themes which fixed the comments but broke some other things.

Update: I haven’t had much time to fix the comments yet. Will get to it as soon as I get the Caballero steering working. I got it all back together but did something wrong with the ignition switch and have to start over. 

Dear readers – My ISP updated WordPress last night, and this broke the comments feature. Nothing has been deleted, and I expect the old comments will reappear in a day or two – other sites are reporting the same problem. Strangely, you can still post comments, and see the first part of them in the “recent comments” bar on the right.

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10 Responses to Comments are working again

  1. Anas clypeata says:

    Did you find a checkbox to fix the comment sorting? Oldest ones need to be at the top, since the threads are organized internally with the oldest ones at the top. Thanks!

  2. DTL says:

    Comments are back. New interface. Different is *always* better. Just ask UO Comms.

  3. New Year Cat says:

    It could be worse; the horn could be stuck “on”….

  4. uomatters says:

    13th try and I got it right, except the horn doesn’t work. I’ll try fixing comments in the AM.

  5. New Year Cat says:

    I faint, I die, I languish for lack of comments to read. Hope the steering on the Caballero is soon stable!

  6. Dog says:

    No, the comments have become un-replayable parenthetical tweets

  7. Oryx says:

    The comments are now like faint stars that we can only see with our peripheral vision.

  8. Anas clypeata says:

    I hope as part of the comment-fixing, you can get them back to the correct date sorting (oldest threads at the top). It switched sometime in the last year or so to having the newest threads at the top. Good luck with the fix!

  9. Townie says:

    “A civilization now in its beginnings will pass through youth to middle age in a lifetime and the young men and women about us will guide it to its maturity. No ruins are here. The work is one of construction. It is a responsibility to tear down errors of the past and to put in their places new ideals. It is a greater responsibility to hold fast to the truth of the past, undisturbed, in the complex, experimental present. It is the greatest responsibility to lay foundations for the future in which no flaw may weaken the structure.”

    This is offensive?

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