13 Responses to How Pres Schill survived the quarantine

  1. doglover says:

    “But the UO doesn’t allow dogs in offices, and he thought it would set a poor example for him to bring his dog to work in violation of the rules that pertain to everyone else.”

    Alternatively, do what other pet owners have to do and make arrangements for someone to take care of your dog. Schill can be so tone deaf some times.

    • uomatters says:

      At Montana State, where I got my BS and MS, dogs were allowed on campus and in class, unless the professor didn’t like dogs. It was a rare Ag Econ class that didn’t have at least 3 dogs sleeping in the back. 5 was normal for soil science and agronomy. Dogs were usually banned from class during exams. I’m not sure what the logic was. There were some smart sheep dogs – maybe they helped people cheat?

      UO does have an anti-pet policy, although I notice no one complained when the UOPD got that bomb-sniffing lab a few years ago. I think I’m still on the Senate this year, and if anyone wants to draft a pro-canine policy I’d be happy to sponsor it, on the off chance that we actually re-open this fall.

    • Dog says:

      ah, that explains why I never see any actual dogs on campus, do you? Must be another excellence example (or in UO parlance an example of excellence) on why UO policies are actually enforced, although I have failed to detect one of these stealth elite UO policeman responsible for reporting live dogs on Campus …

    • Deuce says:

      I admit I took my retired farm dog to work with me on campus during the last year of her life. She shadowed me everywhere including meetings and napped in the corner (that’s what old coots do — nap). Kind of hilarious, as a 90# wolfdog is hard to miss, but she was so chill and often meeting members didn’t know who she belonged to – just showed up in meetings and snoozed. Very popular with the students, especially the international students.

  2. DTL says:

    In addition to free housing, zero utility bills, vehicle cared for, and all regular expenses everyone else (ok, classified staff and low level OA’s) have to pay out of their actual wages, Shill has a dog. I wouldn’t be surprised if the university pays for the pet bills, too.

    • uomatters says:

      I’m really more of a cat person, but please leave the man’s dog out of this. Jeez.

      • DTL says:

        You know perfectly well that it’s not about the dog, of course. It’s about having a… “significant” income and having so many bills paid by the university and other perks. Having a pet eat up a month of salary for me while still having housing and all other bills to cover is painful. If I didn’t have to cover housing, vehicles, etc expenses, I’d have a dog and a cat (or three) right now, making this COVID19 isolation easier, but I just can’t afford them. Bread, roses, and pets for the top earners.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. thedude says:

    We got a covid dog too. It’s awesome except for when it’s crazy.

  5. Dog says:

    OMG – an interface change – we are doomed …

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