Joe Biden wants to help me fix my wobbly ’87 GMC steering column

More accurately he wants me to watch a brief campaign ad before HorsepowerTube will explain the many steps needed to dismantle the steering column and tighten up the Torx bolts that GM inexplicably failed to use Loctite on, back in the day. Seems like a fair trade. Thanks Joe.

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7 Responses to Joe Biden wants to help me fix my wobbly ’87 GMC steering column

  1. uomatters says:

    Would be you be willing to write up a summary and provide the link? I will post it.

  2. Rage says:

    Out of curiosity, is UO matters going to discuss the administation’s non-response to the faculty climate survey sent out on August 12? Or are race, caretaking, and t&p issues are not relevant to the white, greying, tenured faculty who read this site?

  3. Anonymous says:

    No fun without comments.

  4. uomatters says:

    I’m not arguing. I’ve just broken my second steering pivot pin puller – this time it sheared off in the pivot pin, which has a tiny 8-32 hole for the puller. Now I have to drill out the broken puller and then machine a new puller out of something tougher. Maybe a grade 8 bolt.

  5. Hippo says:

    ’87 was pretty close to the nadir for GM quality control, although QC had at least a positive derivative then. In the mid 80’s, they would open up doors to track down rattles and find whiskey bottles. My grandfather and later my uncle owned GM franchises (Olds, Pontiacs) since the 1920’s. An ’80 LeMans my mother bought from her brother feel apart about 10K miles from new and that was the last GM my parents bought.

  6. uomatters says:

    Yeah maybe there’s a youtube to tell me how to link my phone to my youtube premium?

  7. The Mediocre Opinion Man says:

    That’s a bit weird considering that it seems you have YouTube Premium.

    Also, it means that their algorithms have determined you a target they think they have a chance of influencing, so I’m sorry about the advertising battle over your soul that will be happening for the next three months.

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