Oregon’s flagship university goes online

OPB has the news here:

Oregon State University announced Tuesday that it will move most fall classes online.

President F. King Alexander wrote in a letter to faculty and staff that more than 90% of courses will be offered remotely to “limit the density of activity on-campus and help minimize the possible spread of COVID-19 among students and employees.”

From Alexander’s email:

Choice: To the greatest extent practicable, we are providing students with the ability to decide the location that works best for them to pursue their OSU studies. If a student feels safest living at home or off-campus and taking OSU courses remotely, almost all of our instruction will support that choice. If they choose to live on campus while they pursue their studies (mostly remotely and online), they are welcome at OSU.

Easy for OSU to do, since they didn’t sell a shit-load of bonds to finance Uncle Phil’s Track & Field Championships Athlete Village, and now need students to live on campus to pay his mortgage.

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2 Responses to Oregon’s flagship university goes online

  1. Thomas Hager says:

    The UO is caught between a rock and a hard place. It has failed to support the significant academic/tech support effort needed to quickly move classes online, but will likely have to follow OSU to further restrict in-person teaching. Low-to-no in-person and low-quality online means almost no students. I imagine the game will be to hold as much as possible together through a disastrous fall and to hope for a fast, effective vaccine. . . .

  2. PDXer says:

    On Tuesday, the Provost announced that all classes at UO Portland will be remote for the fall term.

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