Some good news on fall enrollments

From Inside Higher Ed:

First, one piece of relatively good news. Our results indicate that as of July 21 the overall impact of the coronavirus on the fall plans of students who were already enrolled in some form of postsecondary education in spring 2020 before COVID-induced shutdowns was modest. Only 2 percent of those students say they and/or their child/household member are not enrolling in the fall and cite COVID as a reason, and another 3 percent say they are changing institutions as a result of COVID. While 11 percent of these respondents say they are taking fewer classes as a result of COVID, 10 percent say they are taking more classes.

Read the article for the bad news.

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One Response to Some good news on fall enrollments

  1. Thomas Hager says:

    I’m less concerned about enrollment than I am about people getting sick. Universities in general, and those with dorms in particular, are likely super-spreader sites for Covid-19, at least until a good vaccine is available. More cases among students will mean more cases among faculty and staff, and both will mean spread in the community. I don’t see any of the current actions the UO is taking doing a lot to change the trajectory.

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