11 Responses to Donate to classified staff fire assistance fund

  1. Gasping says:

    Donations of respirators for classified staff who are working in this extremely hazardous air would also be appreciated. UO is not providing them, nor even N99 or N95 masks. Where’s the appreciation of essential personnel? Words only. Pfft.

    • New Year Cat says:

      Word is the indoor air quality at my campus worksite is not good. I remember it being terrible in the 2017 smoke event, and this is far worse! If other buildings are like that, no one should be working on campus — the school should have shut as it does for ice events. When you are told only N95s will help in the smoke, and UO does not issue them? priceless…..

      • Dog says:

        at least in my building

        1) the HVAC system seems to be blowing smoke into the building
        2) some indoor sensor measurements made yesterday, with an instrument of questionable calibration, suggested the air quality inside the building was no better than outside (and possibly worse in some areas).

        Environmental Health and Safety seems to be asleep at the wheel or no one above them is aware enough to give them a directive

      • honest Uncle Bernie says:

        My understanding is they are maximizing outside air intake to reduce covid risk — called ventilation — but now this is blowing in smoke. A good time to stay away!

  2. Parmenides says:

    I was feeling overwhelmed while choking on this air, but then I got an email from Michael Schill telling me he appreciated how resilient we all are. It’s all good now. Who knew well-crafted emails could be so helpful????

    • Tug o' the Forelock says:

      I kept looking for the “. . . and so I’ve decided not to cut everyone’s salary” but alas, no.

  3. Joan Elisa says:

    There is zero accountability with this fund. Money could be going to fund cars and boats. This whole fund is a scam. Beware!

  4. uomatters says:

    Thanks, this worked for me, and I’ve now confirmed with SEIU Pres Stephanie Prentiss that anyone can donate.

  5. Faculty member says:

    The web page says that SEIU members can donate, and staff. Can you confirm that we faculty members also can do so on that form?

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