NYT asks if PAC-12 cares about heath and safety

We all know they’re going to restart their program to give their unpaid “student-athletes” brain damage so people like Rob Mullens and Mario Cristobal can continue to cash in. This is about whether or not they’ll do so soon enough to also infect their students, families, and thousands in their communities with a deadly virus. Apparently this is a tough call for their governing board, which is chaired by UO Pres Schill:

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14 Responses to NYT asks if PAC-12 cares about heath and safety

  1. UOGraduate says:

    Professional sports should have minor league teams like baseball and cover the true cost of the sport. Universities should not be fooled into thinking they will make a buck by being the minor leagues for basketball and football. UO would be a better university in practice and reputation if it did not have all the over-the-top athletic symbols

    • Fishwrapper says:

      The do have minor-league teams – called colleges. This fits right in with the rest of their business model; you know, the part where the public picks up the tab for their physical infrastructure. We pay for the stadia; we pay for the player development. We pay to get played.

    • Mike Alexander says:

      The New York Times has become a joke. Nothing but a rag.

  2. Richard Bohloff says:

    UO has been heavilt lobbying to restart football, and contonues to hold practices while hoping for games this fall. While there was some conversation about going it alone, UO deemed only worthwhile if a majority of other Pac12 schools would follow suit. Stanford has been a notable holdout and UO leadership has been quite upset at their commitment to player safety over profits.

    • charlie says:

      This should explain…


      Please note that Moody’s believes that the flagship FTE needed to increase above the 23k and change when the report was compiled in order to maintain financial efficacy. Given the vast importance a prominent football team plays in getting vital outta staters through the door, makes sense they’re gonna do whatever is needed to get the games going, no matter who gets ill.

      Stanford? Well, let’s just say they have a slightly different market segment than the flagship. Doubtful a highly ranked football team, festooned in neon uniforms, will have any influence on enrollment,,,

  3. I want football says:

    Those kids are getting free education in exchange for entertaining people of the state of Oregon. Let them do exactly that. They have given up in their health when they had chosen that trade. Most of them have “still working on that” type intellectual abilities (I have had scores of them in my classes over the years) so no head blows or Covid can do any damage to that. So, President Shill, if you are reading this, please, get us our entertainment back. Americans around the country are used to enjoying hits, blows and runs in the Fall. We want that now.

  4. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    The NYTimes covid tracker says UO has had 54 covid cases, OSU 2. OHSU 112, PSU in single digits. Can these numbers all be true?

    • The total new cases per day in the US is about 30,000, so 1 per 10,000 people. You can use that as the baseline for what to expect. The universities with a lot of cases get a lot of press; those that have few get no press; this skews public opinion.

      • Dog says:

        the size of the UO community is about 30,000 and maybe a bit more; so randomly expect 3 per day +/- sqrt of 3 per day. If UO
        were a cluster breakout, that number would be approximately 10-12 and then an alarm bell should sound.

        • Compulsory Pessimist says:

          This morning’s email from UO News saying “Eight additional members of the UO community have tested positive or were considered presumptive positive, bringing the total to 65 cases since reporting began.”

          I’m no mathematician, but 8 seems to be closer to 10-12 than it is to 3 +/- sqrt 3.

          • I don’t think that’s 8 in one day. I don’t see the email you’re referring to, but in the chart at https://coronavirus.uoregon.edu/cases , It looks like 5 or 6 cases *per week,* bringing the total to 65.

            • Dog says:

              Problem solved

              just got an email saying that we could now get most excellent Face Shields by sending email to the AVP for Academic Excellence.


              • dtl says:

                Hey, Dog, are these most excellent Face Shields free? If so, are they available for only faculty for free or can staff get them, too? They have been handing out exactly two most excellent Face Masks for free to everyone.

                • anon and on and on says:

                  The email we got from CAS indicated it was only for faculty and GEs teaching in-person this term (and that, from the Provost’s Office). I think you can still order them from Science Stores on an index, but that of course ain’t free (unless your unit agrees to pay for them).

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