University Presidents let Larry Scott loot Pac-12

This report from John Canzano in the Oregonian gives the latest on how much money the presidents and chancellors who control the Pac-12 have thrown at Scott over the years. It’s outrageous.

I expect that Pres Schill, the new Pac-12 leader, will soon crack down on this so that he can spend UO’s cut of the savings on bigger raises and bonuses for Rob Mullens, Mario Cristobal, Dana Altman and the others of their ilk:

Thanks to an anonymous reader for the link.

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3 Responses to University Presidents let Larry Scott loot Pac-12

  1. R4069 says:

    More on NCAA corruption in the WaPo now; a story about Andrew Cooper, a former NCAA athlete who wants to dismantle the NCAA.

    “Cooper hates the term student-athlete because the NCAA created it decades ago to avoid paying workers’ compensation benefits. Cooper explained how the system takes advantage of athletes, particularly the predominantly Black football and basketball players who generate millions for their schools. Obtaining economic rights for college athletes, Cooper said, would help address systemic racism and be a victory in the Black Lives Matter movement.”

  2. Disgusted says:

    That was hard to read. Larry Scott needs to go. How embarrassing for UO to be affiliated with such selfishness. If Schill has any decency this would be an opportunity to show it and get Larry Scott out of there. Also move the offices ASAP… how could people have signed off on SF given the costs?

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