Phil Knight gives UO another $300 large

Thanks to regular commenter “Townie” for the link to the Oct 9th Chronicle of Philanthropy report. I don’t know why Around the O hasn’t yet posted anything about what UO programs this generous donation will fund:

“In addition, Knight quietly gave $300 million to the University of Oregon, his alma mater, on September 30, for ongoing support for many of the university’s programs to which he has donated in recent years. Paul Weinhold, president of the University of Oregon Foundation, confirmed the donation.”

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3 Responses to Phil Knight gives UO another $300 large

  1. Dtl says:

    Athletics no doubt.

  2. thedude says:

    Thank you Uncle Phil.

    Whatever it is a gift to, we need it. If you could permamently endow the law school so it

    1. Can become a lot better
    2. Can quit sucking money away from the rest of campus,

    that would be awesome. More important than any athletics issues when it comes to campus resources.

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