UO Alert! Administration still not giving our students useful Covid info

They did just send out a UO Alert text to everyone who’s registered their cell phones for this service – a week after the increases started – but if you follow the link you will find no useful information about where these new cases are coming from. Frats? Athletes? Clusters in specific housing complexes? Big parties? A few here and a few there?

For on-campus students they are now releasing good, but not timely, data on testing numbers and results. These show lots of tests and follow-ups, and very few positives. For off campus students, there’s almost no transparency.

UO Alert: Significant increase in COVID-19 cases among 18 to 27 year-olds in Lane County. 

There has been a significant increase in COVID-19 cases among college-aged individuals in Lane County over the past week.

As you go into the weekend, remember you can reduce your risk of contracting and unknowingly spreading COVID-19 by limiting the number of people with whom you are in close contact.

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13 Responses to UO Alert! Administration still not giving our students useful Covid info

  1. New Year Cat says:

    Well, they *could* reduce the risk, but as someone who lives downtown, the noise level tonight is the loudest it’s been since the lockdown in March, so I think this is probably falling on deaf ears, students and townies alike.

  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    UO is utterly failing to teach the students about social distancing. Take a walk or drive on 13th St. Many or most of the “kids” are masked. They are clearly trying to do the right thing. But then they are hanging out in groups often packed together walking or at tables. They don’t have a clue. Why not? Well, ask President Trump (may he have a speedy recovery). Ask President Schill. Ask Provost Phillips, a biologist. UO has utterly failed to teach our students what they need to do for UO to reopen successfully and for us to keep our jobs and not take pay cuts. About social distancing, crowds, ventilation, the hazards of being indoors and outdoors. What is wrong with these guys, are they underpaid or just clueless?

    Don’t think nobody notices. I was talking with an MD yesterday who is absolutely dismayed with what he is seeing. Wondering why UO has brought the students back to infect the community instead of teaching them how they must behave.

    What are the faculty doing, anything? The trustees?

    • Reality says:

      This is somewhat akin to saying that Fauci didn’t tell the Trump administration about masks. The students know, the university is communicating to everyone. If you see students who aren’t doing it, it is because they choose not to, just like folks at the hardware store. Always worth remembering that students are independent adults, whatever the community feels about them.

      Students in dorms are under UO “control.” Students off campus are under county authority and the UO can’t do anything about it. Students are in town regardless of the remote status of the UO. This is their home. The difference from the spring is that we are not in lock down. County health authorities will need to intervene – that’s the simple legal reality of the situation.

      • New Year Cat says:

        Yeah, only it’s not the “home” of all of them. Plenty of California plates back in town now.

    • uomatters says:

      Say what you will about our undergrads, but judging from the per-capita test results they’re far better behaved than, say, President Trump and his staff and Senate supporters.

  3. New Year Cat says:

    So, no one wants to talk about aerosol spread because that would rain on UO’s party even more, so all we hear is 6 feet distance is OK and it’s OK to eat at restaurants and bars. Really not actually all that safe, as we’ve heard recently from rather more reliable sources. Oregon Health authority email today reported that as of 12:01 a.m. today LANE COUNTY HAD 81 CASES. I believe yesterday it was in the 40s. What a clusterfuck. And another death. Our seven schools were so on the wrong side of history to bring students back. And I say that even though I’d rather we all kept our jobs, because I’d even more rather we all stayed alive. That 85-yr-old who just died had people who loved and mourned him, I’m thinking. They weren’t the same as the partiers in my neighborhood though. And can I just say it again: FUCKING STAY HOME AND KEEP YOUR MASK ON IF YOU GO OUT, NO EXCEPTIONS. Just because you are young, and/or sick of the restrictions, doesn’t mean you get to make other people sick enough to die.

    • charlie says:

      Are the dorms and meal plans still not refundable when the school shuts down? If so, that’ll tell us all we need to know…

  4. Covid Campus Confessions says:

    Concerning material at: https://www.instagram.com/covid.campus/?igshid=1uuh6zr63iwyf

    UO: Covid Campus Confessions
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    Tag us for reposts.

  5. Leporello says:

    I tried to bring the non-mask wearing to the attention of Provost Phillips last week. His response began with 5 minutes of praise for the 90% who are wearing masks, he then went on to mention that most who didn’t mask up were men over 50.

    The man is not willing to give a straight answer and only wants to divert attention to the real question.

    I’m interested in what UO is willing to do about the unmasked. He mentioned that UO will have patrols, and they’ll supposedly track the “repeat offenders.” Later I pressed on this, and the patrols are not taking information from the unmasked….

    BOO to UO Admin on this

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