UO General Counsel to discipline Mario Cristobal for releasing HIPAA protected health info

Just kidding. Kevin Reed saves those sorts of threats for faculty, and Coach Cristobal’s about to get a big raise. The Oregonian’s James Crepea has the disclosure from Cristobal that 5 of the 32 positive Covid tests in Lane County today (yesterday?) were “associated with the program” and that the unpaid athletes and their well-paid coaches etc are now under lockdown while contact tracing is underway.

Meanwhile, UO’s official testing reports still do not report any information about frat parties etc, and rumor has it they do not include faculty and staff who are working remotely in the counts.

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7 Responses to UO General Counsel to discipline Mario Cristobal for releasing HIPAA protected health info

  1. Compulsory Pessimist says:

    Who would have guessed our student athletes would get infected whilst playing a contact sport with people from six other states in the midst of a pandemic?

    Oh yeah: EVERYONE.

  2. AnotherClassified says:

    Notice how the UO Covid-19 update keeps changing its view-appearance? Less transparent, even confusing as to what is actually “reported” to be are the weekly #s? A shift. Pre-planned shift. Walnut game via the worst commercial website tap and miss. Disgusting. Misleading. Gotta be a rule against that. Oh…Tops are making the rules.

  3. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    A missive from Bluce Blonigen about voluntary testing for staff. I wonder where this is going.

    • Anonymous says:

      That free voluntary testing is only for staff that are pretty sure they don’t have COVID19.

      It’s not available for staff that have tested positive in the last three months, are quarantining due to contact with a known case, or are feeling sick. Those people have to make their own arrangements to get tested somewhere.

  4. Essential Worker (Not Pence) says:

    I am so proud of our University for developing all the little Covid bombs to launch into the US in the next few weeks. Was this part of the branding campaign?

  5. DuckEsq says:

    This is not a HIPAA violation.

    There is plenty to criticize the athletic department for without reaching this hard.

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