AVP for State Affairs Libby Batlan leaves UO for retirement home industry lobbying group

The Lund Report has the OHCA press release and some examples of OHCA lobbying here. Batlan has apparently already been replaced in UO’s State Affairs office by her assistant VP, Hans Bernard, according to his linked in page. And UO is searching to fill the job of assistant for him, with the new title of “Director of State Affairs“:

“The Director of State Affairs (Director) serves a critical role in promoting the success of UO students, faculty, and staff. This position works with university leadership to promote the UO’s value and spur sustained and increased investments in public higher education. The Director works closely with the Associate Vice President for State Affairs in advancing the UO’s legislative agenda and increasing the level of knowledge and understanding that lawmakers and public officials have about the UO’s strengths. This includes stewarding relationships and communicating with other statewide elected offices, state agencies and commissions including the Higher Education Coordinating Commission, and political and public policy partner groups. The Director is also primarily responsible for working with existing staff to monitor and assess legislative concepts, bills and proposals and articulate their impact on the University.”

In past practice, this has included such things as lobbying the state legislature for money for Knight Arena, and $40M in subsidies for the Tracktown 2019 2021 2022 championships.

While the OHCA’s website says

“Founded in 1950, the Oregon Health Care Association (OHCA) improves the lives of seniors and people with disabilities by promoting quality long term care in Oregon.”

They are a little more honest with the IRS:

“Oregon Health Care Association is a voluntary association formed to promote the common business interests of its members, all of which are engaged in the business of providing long-term care and related services in the state of oregon.”

And they pay very well – these numbers are now 3 years old:

UO was paying Batlan $160K, and Bernard $147K. The new job is listed at starting at $75K.

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