UO to offer “one-time” buyout scheme for OA’s and Career and TTF faculty

Update: Details on plan and release of rights here.

Thanks to an anonymous reader for forwarding this sketch of the plan, which looks like it was devised by VP Brad Shelton.

Word is that, in addition to one year salary, the university will also pay PEBB costs for single coverage for the number of years necessary to get the retiree to age 65 and medicare. All paid as a lump sum, all taxable.

Among other peculiarities, this scheme does not appear to offer any additional emoluments to the tenured faculty, who are normally the targets of these proposals – because of their job security, higher pay, and existing TRP options.

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14 Responses to UO to offer “one-time” buyout scheme for OA’s and Career and TTF faculty

  1. Dog says:

    This is a stupid plan
    no one should except this
    unless your just planning to quit altogether and
    the sooner the better

  2. Dog says:


    and why the hell didn’t someone buy out Shelton years ago …

    • Inquiring Minds says:

      Brad Shelton the Finance mastermind behind the independent board to provide financial security and independence. That didn’t pan out. What could go wrong here?

      • charlie says:

        Was that the scheme to borrow $1 billion for Wall Street bond palaces in order to achieve said financial security and independence??

  3. It's classified. says:

    Seems like it’d be cheaper to buy-out classified staff near retirement, than senior administrators. But I come here because I am NOT an economist.

  4. Thedude says:

    There’s a vaccine.

    Enrollment to be up 30 percent in next years freshmen class. Perhaps even starting in the spring.

    We need to prepare to hire and expand.

  5. Thomas Hager says:

    No vaccine will cure our enrollment woes. College enrollments were already falling before Covid (https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaeltnietzel/2019/12/16/college-enrollment-declines-again-its-down-more-than-two-million-students-in-this-decade/?sh=70284fbd3d95), and demographic trends indicate continuing decline is on its way (https://www.comevo.com/the-changing-student-demographics-in-2020/). This downward trend will be exacerbated by a continuing move to online higher education, for which the UO is woefully underprepared. Hang onto your hats, boys and girls.

  6. Irritated staffer says:

    As usual, Classified staff get the shaft once again!

  7. Pffft says:

    As a classified staff person who has worked on campus 22 years, and has been at the top of my classification for a least 8 years, they could have very easily offered this to us. It’s my understanding that nearly 70-80% of Office Specialist 2’s are topped out, so can only get COLA increases. They could offer us this deal, we could leave, and they could hire at step 1 like they’d like. Plus, they’d come without the institutional knowledge that would make them happy, too.

    But, as usual, 2nd class(ified) citizens.

    • Canard says:

      Yes, but if the experienced classified staff all left (which most of them would), nothing would work! Whereas if only the experienced faculty leave, any consequent decline in teaching quality would not be noticed, as the students cycle through too quickly and there is no institutional memory of what it used to be like.

  8. Leporillo says:

    I’m wondering if there were any (less cynical) reasons offered as to why the classified staff are not being offered a deal like this?

    • New Year Cat says:

      I would assume because they intend to try to shaft them during next year’s bargaining. Based on what they try every time during bargaining.

  9. uomatters says:

    Please put any new comments on the new post with the details, here: https://uomatters.com/2020/11/uo-offering-buyouts-to-faculty-and-oas-if-they-sign-away-all-rights.html