4 Responses to Ducks won’t give Covid numbers to the NYT

  1. Joans says:

    Not legally required. Got a problem take it up with legislators Harbaugh.

    • Fishwrapper says:

      No, it’s not legally required. Nor is legally required to be a good neighbor. Then again, if they wish to cling to that space only within the law, they’d best never, ever leave it.

    • NOL says:

      If I remember correctly Oregon has a state government open records law that is something like: anything that is not protected is a public record. Since the other PAC-12 schools cannot blame Federal privacy law like HIPAA and FERPA I would think that it is actually a disclosure required by Oregon law and of public interest.

  2. It's classified. says:

    If we don’t report the cases, there will will be fewer cases [reported].

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