Top UO admins cancel their pay cuts:

From reporter Elizabeth Gabriel of KLCC, on OPB here:

Administrators at the University of Oregon have stopped taking pay cuts, despite a $3.4 million dollar budget deficit due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In April, 21 administrators volunteered to take salary deductions of 10%-12% for six months in order to help offset a budget shortfall caused by the pandemic. UO Chief Finance Officer Jamie Moffitt said budget cuts, combined with other measures such as a hiring freeze and a travel freeze, has helped save money. …

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8 Responses to Top UO admins cancel their pay cuts:

  1. honest Uncle Gangsta says:

    Perhaps the tenured faculty could have bucked them up by volunteering to take pay cuts too, perhaps half the percentage? You know, show solidarity.

    • Huey Dewey or Louie says:

      Why do that when the staff and adjuncts can bear the burden?

    • CSN says:

      Not sure if you are trolling, but the faculty union did in fact agree to a package of wage cuts — the administration chose not to activate it.

      • uomatters says:

        Johnson Hall is still threatening to cut faculty pay in the fall – but then they’d have to cut their own pay too.

      • honest Uncle Gangsta says:

        Part trolling, part not. A lot of us tenured faculty seem to resent the fat salaries of the administrators. Myself included sometimes. But I would say we have it relatively good, a lot of us very good. A lot of people think we are “overpaid and underworked” as the saying goes. Some of the classified types and the adjuncts have lost their jobs, right? I would say even the classifieds who still have jobs — with health and pension benefits — are envied by a lot of people out there. Talk to the guys whose businesses are about to fail, the out of work service people.

        Personally, I would be happy to spread some of the dough around. For reasons beyond my comprehension, I got a $1200 stimulus check way back, straight into my bank account from Uncle Sam (no relation to Uncle Bernie). If I get another one, I hope I will have the good taste to give it to people who need it.

        • CSN says:

          Large amounts of individual suffering is not a good way to combat hard times for other people. Coordinated efforts are a good way to combat hard times for other people. Thus, the union’s effort — and the call for everyone to do something mildly inconvenient (wear a mask).

  2. Observer says:

    I’ll take a pay cut when Cristobal takes one.

  3. New Year Cat says:

    I suspect that this is the year staff definitively got tired of bearing the burden, especially as it did not come with hazard pay for working in the covid dorm, kitchens, etc. This move by admin may possibly cause them to dig in their heels about it.

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