UO “All In” on Paris climate accord – unless it means cutting back on Duck game travel or Track Championships

Great moments in greenwashing from Around the O, here:

“Tackling climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time,” Schill said. “Solving this problem requires a massive coalition working at all levels of our nation and across the world. The University of Oregon is pleased to contribute to those efforts in our campus operations and through our teaching, research and service to our community.”

The reaffirmation of the pledge comes alongside Provost Patrick Phillips’ campuswide environmental initiative, which will amplify the university’s existing strengths in environmental research and teaching to help meet the climate challenge. The provost’s office recently created a website that describes the initiative and showcases the UO’s leadership in the area.

While the United States officially exited the Paris Agreement on Nov. 4, the incoming Biden-Harris administration has committed to reentering the global agreement. The statement was delivered to the Biden-Harris team, as well as to United Nations officials and global heads of state at the Climate Ambition Summit hosted by the United Kingdom, also on Dec. 12.  

“This commitment reinforces the goals set by our campus Climate Action Plan,” said Steve Mital, director of the UO Office of Sustainability. “It calls all in our campus community, and beyond, to work together to address the significant challenges posed by climate change.”

Meanwhile, I don’t know if our sister flagship in Corvallis has bothered to put together an “Action Plan”, but they’re certainly taking action with new technology to generate the electricity all those nuclear-friendly Teslas will need:

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2 Responses to UO “All In” on Paris climate accord – unless it means cutting back on Duck game travel or Track Championships

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Meanwhile, don’t forget that Lane County has been a self-declared “nuclear-free zone” for decades. “Burn wood not atoms” was taken literally here. We got a really good taste of that last summer. (Not that the wildfires had much to do with energy supplies.) I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Oregon to install any of those new OSU reactors. We’ll probably opt for wind power or something, and then try to force the wind turbines on Kansas or something when we discover that the Oregon Coast or the Three Sisters would be a nifty place for them.

    • moss defender says:

      yeah I think those OSU reactors are headed to China….portable mini nukes what could possibly go wrong…the warming crisis is just as fake as the fake news UO thrives on

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