UO AVP Melanie Muenzer appointed Chief of Staff to Biden’s Undersecretary for Higher Ed

Ms Muenzer came to UO as Chief of Staff to Interim Pres Scott Coltrane – in the aftermath of Pres Gottfredson’s brief, disastrous, and expensive presidency – and is experienced at the sort of swamp-draining that the Department of Education will need after Trump. I don’t know who will replace her as the UO Administration’s liaison to the UO Senate.


Melanie Muenzer, Chief of Staff, Office of the Under Secretary

Melanie Muenzer most recently served as the Associate Vice President and Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives at the University of Oregon. She was also an elected member of the board of education for Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. She previously served at the U.S. Department of Education from 2009-2015 under the Obama Administration as White House liaison, chief of staff in the policy office, and deputy assistant secretary for higher education policy. Prior to her work at the Department of Education, she served on President Obama’s 2008 campaign and his presidential transition team. 

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