UO Pres Schill, AD Mullens, & Senate Pres Berkman agree on using athletic profits for student scholarships!

Just kidding, that was the plan from UO’s 2001-4 Athletics Task Force, which included UO Pres Dave Frohnmayer, AD Bill Moos (soon fired by Phil Knight) and UO Senate President Nathan Tublitz.

At the time the Duck Athletics budget was ~$37M, it’s now $127M, and there is no sign current UO President Michael Schill or UO Senate President Elliot Berkman are willing to ask Duck AD Rob Mullens for a dime to support academics. In fact Pres Schill’s proposal is to take still more money from our students, via a new mandatory fee for “free” Duck tickets that will take control away from ASUO student government.

Where will our student’s money go? To ease the heavy burden on Phil Knight and other boosters, who have pledged their donations for millions in raises for Mario Cristobal, Altman, Mullens, and who apparently now want the students to share their pain.

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4 Responses to UO Pres Schill, AD Mullens, & Senate Pres Berkman agree on using athletic profits for student scholarships!

  1. Remedial Economics says:

    I don’t know how much math is involved in Economics, but maybe you can help me out: President Schill’s proposal to ASUO was a mandatory athletics fee of $29.50 per term. In 2020-21, the I-fee was $271.75 per term, with a total budget of $17,595,371. Of this, $1,812,259 was Athletics tickets, including overhead (which is inexplicably charged at a lower rate than any other program). So the Athletics tickets portion of the per-term I-fee would be $27.99.

    President Schill appears to be offering the students more expensive tickets, at the cost of them losing control of the contract. Plus, if the students still want to implement the programs proposed in their budget, it would come at the cost of roughly 10% increase over what they paid before (I-fee + Ticket-fee). I must be doing something wrong, because that math doesn’t add up.

    • Dog says:

      The University of Oregon – the place where Math goes to die – unless you’re a JH admin using monopoly money

    • Anas clypeata says:

      The implication above is that students are being charged for athletic tickets in 2020-2021, for games that they cannot attend. Is this really happening?

      • Dog says:

        yes of course
        this is math by implication …

        I think that is different than math my multiplication but
        am no longer sure