11 Responses to A reminder that no one really gives a shit about Duck sports

  1. Townie says:

    The USNews rankings are probably one of the biggest drivers. Sad but likely true. If boosters gave 50% of their gifts to academics UO might have another $500M or so in academic gifts. Enough to improve academics and raise the profile of the university.

    • Unclassified says:

      Yeah, why don’t you add the search term “duck academics” or “duck faculty” and see where that ends up in the mix of this very real analysis of what matters to people about the UO.

  2. It seems the University itself is far more important to the people of Oregon than Duck football. IMHO that reflects reality. A well educated citizenry is necessary to the growth and vitality of the state. Football is entertaining, but has no long term value to Oregon. The money should be used for education, not entertainment.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Seems like there’s many more search terms you could’ve used to solidify the argument: “Oregon football”, “UO basketball”, “Penei Sewell”, etc. At the very least compare it against other schools’ similar terms.

    • XDH says:

      It’s called UoM “cherry picking”. Change the search term to “Oregon Ducks football” and all the sudden you see that most states west of the Rockies really do give a $h!t about Oregon football.

  4. charlie says:


    Worst ratings for a college football championship game in well over a decade occurred this year. Despite that, some of you truly believe USAAmericans are going to give a good god damn about duck football. Looks like some real fear flagship athletics are of no relevance to people concerned with how they’re gonna pay their bills…

  5. not that minor says:

    “duck football” eyeballs to equal to a third of the searches for “university of oregon” during fall season when students are applying. doesn’t seem that minor.

  6. uo professor says:

    The false claim that nobody cares about Oregon football, which is not backed by any comparative data analysis is a direct insult to the decision making intelligence of Oregon football players (mostly people of color) who select Oregon precisely because it is one of the top programs in the country and they have a choice. It is also a great indicator of why nobody cares about UO economics: the department which is giving tenure to such profs as uomatters can not be any good.

    • charlie says:


      Posted above is the football roster of Ohio University. The program draws a smiliar number of people of color as does the flagship. Those players also had a choice as to where they could attend, assuming they’re scholarship players. Given your logic, the public must have a great deal of interest in Ohio U football due to the racial composition of its team.

      Tell you what. Go to the football rosters of Rutgers, Purdue, North Carolina State and tell us the racial composition of the team. Better yet, do that with Oregon State. Give us the viewership ratings for all those teams. Come back and tell us the players of color of on those teams are dumber than those of the flagship because those other POC are laboring for programs that no one gives a good god damn…

  7. Dogmatic Ratios says:

    If you google “University of Oregon” you get 19,300,000 results. If you subtract the search terms “ducks” and “football” and “basketball” and “track” you get 9,437,000 results. So, half of our ‘mentions’ in ‘global content’ includes at least a note about sports. How substantive those notes are would require further research.



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