Pres Schill brings in Vegas boss to make sure academic side gets fair cut of PAC-12 take

John Canzano has the interview here. A snippet:

Kliavkoff: I truly believe that if we do our job well at the conference level that it will create a revenue stream for the schools to be used for scholarships and other academic pursuits that will change the lives of men and women. 

Truly. Does this mean Pres Schill will give back the $1.2M he took from the academic budget for the Ducks after student government ended their ticket subsidy?

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  1. charlie says:

    Stanford, I would argue, is the wealthiest uni in the PAC12. They cut their sports roster last year. If they don’t have the money to maintain their sports roster, doubtful conference member has the resources to preserve their ADs as currently configured.

    No mention in the interview as to how they’re going to backfill the AD budget deficits at WAZZU, Utah, or Cal.

    UOwe admitted it had an AD budget deficit when they pilfered the bond fund. My guess is the Pac-12 unis are going to make a marketing deal with gambling sites, and the Commish is facilitating the agreements…

    • uomatters says:

      Thanks for the links Charlie. I expect the Duck coaches will be happy to add gambling revenues to their bonus packages. Here’s hoping the athletes can pick up some bitcoin throwing a game here and there.

  2. charlie says:

    You’re welcome,UOM. BTW, lemme give you just one more link someone may find interesting.

    Heyl, whaddaya know, boss, look what we have here. University of Utah sold marketing rights to an on-line gambling site to blast ads during football games. Along with date rapes, binge drinking, and greek hazing fatalities, creating degenerate gamblers has now become part of the “college experience.'” Can’t say you don’t your something for that $30k debt…

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