UO delays vaccine requirement as Ducks negotiate with Pfizer for lucrative branding rights deal

Just kidding, rumor is they’ll announce a mandatory vaccine policy today, following OSU, PSU, WOU, etc.

Update: Pres Schill announces vaccine will be required for students, staff, and faculty, with exceptions for trypanophobics.

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13 Responses to UO delays vaccine requirement as Ducks negotiate with Pfizer for lucrative branding rights deal

  1. Don't call me a duck says:

    They will allow exemptions for medical and non-medical reasons. So . . . it’s not required. Non-medical reasons are bullshit and should be treated as such.

    • uomatters says:

      Another business opportunity for the undergrads paying their way through college selling fake IDs.

    • just different says:

      It shouldn’t be easier to get an exemption than it is to get a disability accommodation. Make anyone who gets a “personal or philosophical” wear a scarlet E to inform everyone else about the risk.

  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    I imagine they are worried about losing a certain fraction of their students. Each % = about $5 million, or more. I like that there are exemptions for both “religious” and “philosophical” reasons. Very broad-minded and ecumenical. Of course, I’m sure “philosophical” includes “natural philosophy” i.e. “scientific” reasons. You can believe Fauci, you can believe Tucker Carlson, whatever. Right? So, it’s not really mandatory, probably any more or less than at most places. But it encourages vaccination, making a bit of work to get an exception, while plausibly not being coercive. I’m sure the Republicans in the legislature will be impressed, to say nothing of the 40% of Trumpsters who inhabit our great state. I’m sure the Pioneer Father and Mother will be proud! In the meantime, before the great vaccine awakening, or is it awokening, our wonderful students will continue to display their exemplary regard for covid public health, and our stern, sturdy, but beneficient administration will look proudly upon our UO students.

  3. adopted handle says:

    For context, UO already requires vaccinations for things like measles, TB, etc. They allow exemptions for those vaccines on a similar basis of, “But I don’t to,” so this is in line with existing UO vaccine policy. I think they make you attend a vaccination indoctrination session and you agree to wear a mask if there’s an outbreak on campus.

    Lane county primary schools already have one of the highest vaccine opt-out rates in the country. As usual, blame the hippies.

    • In case you missed it says:

      TB vaccinations are not given in the US. Some countries administer them to infants to provide some protection but immunized individuals then test positive in any subsequent tuberculin (skin) test, which then requires additional testing such as a chest x-ray. This is an issue for some African students at UO. And yes, the “philosophical” exemption clause is a joke, although one can argue that a vaccine not yet approved by the FDA can’t be required. But even after they’re approved, people can still weasel out of it (medical exemptions, of course, are legit).

  4. Environmental necessity says:

    What I find infuriating is that this decision could have been made in February, followed by weeks of promotion leading up to decision day that “UO has the most farsighted and safest campus plan for COVID. Your kids are safe here.” Maybe we would have lost some kids from Trumper and anti-masker families but I bet we would have drawn more who were on the fence and looking for some reason to choose Oregon. Saddens me to say it but this administration messes up almost everything they touch. In negotiations last spring/summer we were told that admins couldn’t take a bigger hit because we needed to pay them to keep them from leaving (apparently not a concern for mere faculty). I say, let them leave, encourage them to leave, ask them to leave, most of them anyway.

    • Parting is So Sweet says:

      Speaking of leaving… any idea how many faculty and OAs decided to take the early retirement package? What is the breakdown by type of faculty? by college? My sense is that relatively few OAs that were eligible did take it based on those I talk to regularly — and I see lots of OA positions being advertised. If that’s right, then that means the academic side is having to do most of those adjustments. Anybody have any info?

    • not necessary says:

      Always good to come here in the comments section when I am thirsty for opinion and in need of a half empty glass.

      • uomatters says:

        Comment of the week. Contact our swag office for your complimentary (and empty) U of Nike coffee cup.

  5. thedude says:

    I think this a good behavorial nudge with easy opt out options.

    This is fine. Vaccines are fine and work with mild complications. They aren’t zero though and students should have a bit of freedom. I don’t think I should have to wear a mask teaching if vaccinated though either. How do I opt out of that?

    • not necessary says:

      I hope that we will go back to teaching with a mask on when we are feeling unwell. I hope that the students will wear a mask if they are feeling unwell. With some apologies to the many millions who suffered or perished in the pandemic, I’ve never been healthier in my life, and that’s in part because everyone keeps going around with bandages in their faces.

  6. Mike says:

    Had to check with Phil and Crack Town USA

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