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Feds prep for civil unrest at Eugene’s June Olympic T&F trials

Last updated on 05/26/2021

From Homeland Security Today:

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), private sector partners, local first responders, and state and federal partners held a tabletop exercise today to test emergency response and recovery operations in preparation for the U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Track & Field, which will be held June 18-27 at Hayward Field on the University of Oregon campus.

The exercise scenario focused on preparing private and public sector response and recovery plans for two simultaneous events: a civil unrest activity followed by an active threat event during the Olympic Trials in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon. …

A few more Covid cases seems like a more likely outcome, but be prepared.


  1. XDH 05/21/2021

    Truly a sad state of affairs that we even NEED to consider this as a possibility…

  2. charlie 05/21/2021

    Wait a minute. Track Town and USOC refunded thousands of Oly Trial tickets couple weeks ago. My understanding is no more than 15% of Hayward Field capacity is to be used. If you want to create mayhem, this isn’t the place to do that.

    Then again, I’m not a terrorist, professional nor amateur, so I guess I’ll leave those decisions to the expert brick throwers…

  3. honest Uncle Gangsta 05/21/2021

    maybe if we remove the Pioneer Father and Mother, the rioters will leave us alone.

  4. charlie 05/21/2021

    Where’s the Bill Bowerman statue?? It all began falling apart when they moved it, and destroyed the water fountain he built…

    • uomatters Post author | 05/21/2021

      Rumor down at the Faculty Club is that Bowerman and the Pioneer Mother and Father (but not his nose) are now all kept in the private room at the tip of the Phildo.

      • charlie 05/22/2021

        At the tip of the Phildo?? The reservoir of resentment must be overflowing.

        I’ll see myself out….

  5. Mike 05/23/2021

    costs for Track Town crap passed along to taxpayers.

  6. Elpsie 05/24/2021

    Meanwhile, a wave of emails went out this weekend informing graduate students that their housing contracts are being canceled? Is that at all connected with the Olympic Trials?

    • thedude 05/24/2021

      No. I bet it’s all connected to the incoming freshman year class. They want to fill up the dorms all way (with new and expanded housing finished no less) but they still need isolation housing for the undergrads both for marketing and probably because of state regulations.

      So they’re kicking out the grad students because undergrads pay more for dorm housing.

      Personally I think they just make mac court the isolation zone for Covid19 positive dorm kiddos. Or just quit worrying about given we’re achieve close enough to herd immunity this summer. In fact they should just let all the students party in the dorms for a month before we start teaching so the mild covid19 outbreak from anti vaxers is over before fall term starts.

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