UO Senate to take up JH’s botched Honors College changes Wed at 3PM

Also some poorly thought out requirements legislating faculty requirements re Canvas, office hours and email responses, back for the third time I think. No discussion of the Board of Trustees proposed student conduct code changes, which will allow discipline

 a) which causes substantial disruption to the University community or any of its members, b) which involves academic work or any University records, documents, or identifications, or c) which seriously threatens the health or safety of any person.

Senate Zoom link here.

Call to Order

  • Land Acknowledgment; Brian Klopotek
  • Intro Remarks; Senate President Elliot Berkman and Senate Vice President Spike Gildea
  • ASUO updates; Ella Meloy

Approval of the Minutes

  • April 28, 2021

State of the University

  • President Mike Schill

New Business

Open Discussion

  • OICRC updates; Nicole Commissiong
  • Textbook Affordability; Robin Clement & Rayne Vieger

Other Business

  • Executive Session – Awards

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9 Responses to UO Senate to take up JH’s botched Honors College changes Wed at 3PM

  1. charlie says:

    Sorry, but I don’t know where else to leave this post. The Trustees are going to discuss the 2022 World Championships on May 19, I believe. Anyone know why??

  2. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t watch – are they against them?

    • charlie says:

      All I found was the BOT was voting to agree to have the WC in 2022. I thought it was a done deal, unless it’s a boilerplate SOP because of postponement.

      But, aren’t WC legalities administered by the AD and the governing body? Honestly, I don’t know how it all works, but I thought any decision regarding any athletic event resided solely with the AD??

  3. Observer says:

    Honors College. No apostrophe in Honors. It’s bad enough when the student’s put apostrophe’s in all their sentence’s.

    • uomatters says:

      Fixed in the headline, but my shame will live on forever in these comments.

    • Ashamed, anonymous Master(')s program director says:

      Observer, do you say “Masters Program” or “Masters’ Program”?

    • sdj says:

      I bet I could do one better:
      Chump change.

      I also love those fuzzy numbers:
      “The UO Foundation endowment currently stands at $1.1 billion, with additional investments bringing total assets to about $2 billion.”

      “The move is an evolutionary step, said Mike Andreasen, the UO’s vice president for advancement, given the success of the UO’s current capital campaign, which is nearing its $3 billion goal.”

      OK so by my Oregon math $5 Billion at the end of this successful campaign.

      That would put the UO at about 15% of the assets of “…approximately $30 billion in assets for select families, endowments, foundations, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds…”

      I would bet the 0.03 MER with an ETF will get better results after all the foundation employees are paid and the new Managing firm and those select families are paid, first…. or perhaps Doge Coin… Or the investment advice of Elon Musk would fare better.

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