8 Responses to JH offers Dept’s free pool table, fake plants as compensation for swept funds

  1. charlie says:

    Math is hard, and interferes with the ‘college experience.’ Make it go away…

  2. vhils says:

    The rumor is that the Cinema Studies department had even more stolen, the most stolen of any CAS department, almost $1.7 million.

  3. Old Gray Mare says:

    The faculty club needs the ping pong table and the pool table.

  4. XDH says:

    Back when I was Dept Head in the early teens, it was well known that Math had a $1M surplus on the books. Obviously, the amount continued to grow. I do not have much sympathy if they sat on this for nearly a decade, as they clearly did not need the $$$. Use it or lose it!

    • Dog says:

      HAL = IBM -1

    • honest Uncle Bernie says:

      Everyone knows mathematicians have OCD. They made a whole branch of learning out of counting, after all. They got caught up in hoarding and counting their dough. At least they have an excuse, what does Cinema Studies have?

  5. charlie says:

    OT, but there’s increasing pressure to cancel the Tokyo Olys due to covid. If the games are cancelled prior to the Oly Trials taking place at HF, are the Trials cancelled, as well??

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