75% of campus tour group ignores mask mandate

That’s what I saw walking across campus this morning – a group of 40 or so parents and prospective students outside the library, no distancing, about 25% of them wearing masks.

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11 Responses to 75% of campus tour group ignores mask mandate

  1. thedude says:

    The mask mandate outside is stupid. Also they were certainly spaced more than a football game or a concert (which is what the mask mandate is about).

  2. Townie says:

    Ignorant people now think they don’t need masks and handshakes are OK (they say they’re vaccinated). They are not up to date on the Delta variant

  3. Mask up or go away says:

    They were exercising their right to a “philosophical objection” to masks; just like students, faculty & staff can opt out of the UO vaccine mandate for “philosophical” reasons. What a joke. At least one can hope the touristas are from out of state & clog up their own hospitals, not ours, when they get sick. Do the tour guides start by informing the crowd of state requirements? (“On Aug. 24, Governor Kate Brown announced a new rule that will require people in Oregon to mask in most public outdoor settings — regardless of vaccination status — where physical distancing is not possible. The rule will go into effect Friday, Aug. 27.”) Looking forward to all the upcoming superspreader events in fall term; Go Ducks!

  4. Walrus says:

    As someone who is up to date on the Delta variant, transmission studies, actual risk numbers among vaccinated / unvaccinated people, the abundance of vaccines, etc.: requiring masks outdoors is stupid. It’s just to give a false, totally unscientific impression of “doing something.”

    • Compulsory Pessimist says:


      Those of us with chronic health conditions and/or are immunocompromised are REALLY TIRED of people claiming that continuing to take basic precautions are “just to give a false, totally unscientific impression of ‘doing something'” or “virtue signaling” or whatever contemptuous dismissal is in vogue today.

      Oh noes! Someone might wear a mask that doesn’t need to! How does that impact you again? It doesn’t? Then maybe stop discouraging the practice because the more people who do wear a face mask, the fewer viral particles we all encounter – not just COVID19.

      • thedude says:

        You can wear one. Get a good n95.

        But wearing a mask outside is mostly virtue signalling. The more we’re outside the better. And not wearing a mask outside encourages them to be outside.

        • Dog says:

          hmm, I was wearing a mask outdoors recently; I though it was to help with protection against the smoke/air quality these past few afternoons, but I guess I was virtue signaling (I wonder how people virtue signaled 200 years ago?)

          • thedude says:

            Pretty sure 200 years ago was pretty extreme virtue signaling.

            Anyhow, wearing a mask to limit particulate matter when it’s heavy (better be a n95 do get out the finer stuff which is the most harmful) is different than wearing a mask to prevent transmission of virus that essentially doesn’t transmit outside.

  5. thedude says:

    Ignorant people think outdoor masking with cloth mask is going to make any difference.

    But you know virtue signalling has been shown the be effective against Delta right?

  6. wagthatfinger says:

    Congrats on becoming a hall monitor; you must be so proud for keeping us all safe from such heartless evil.

  7. New Year Cat says:

    Oh really now. It is NOT THAT HARD to wear a mask, inside, outside, whereever. I do it, nurses and doctors do it for hours, NOT. THAT. HARD. No one is asking you to storm Normandy (– if they had, we’d all speak German today). Not everyone has a strong immune system; there are medical reasons some can’t get the vax. Walrus, anonymous, and wagging finger should be damned grateful they are not in the groups most likely to die if infected (if they are not), consider OTHER PEOPLE besides themselves, and whether it is actually keeping others safe or just lowering a huge level of anxiety that people other than you may be carrying, just f’ing put a mask on and keep it on, or stay home. I’m not a christian but “do unto others” and “love your brother(/sister) always sounded like good advice to me.

    • New Year Cat says:

      Also, aerosols spread farther than 6 feet, I’ve read it’s more like 20. So it does make some sense to mask outside. It’s not that much of a sacrifice, when you look at the extraordinary number of cases in Lane County now that Delta is here.

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