4 Responses to Duck AD Rob Mullens to pay Fresno State $950K to lose body-bag game

  1. What Would Moses Say? says:

    This is really obscene. I’m not one who is usually anti-athletics. I love the Ducks football, basketball, etc. But close to $1 million for a game? How much of a raise would that be for all faculty at the UO? How much could go to student scholarships at the UO? How many meals would that buy for homeless people in Eugene? How many tiny houses?

    • Fumblerooski says:

      Not spending that money wouldn’t magically make it available for other endeavors. The money spent comes from the revenue earned from the game, mostly TV rights and ticket sales. We’re sharing that revenue with Fresno State, which wants both the money and an opportunity to play a Pac-12 team on national TV.

    • Its Classified. says:

      Using the cocktail napkin math, figuring about 5000 faculty and staff, 950k would come out to about $290 per employee.

  2. Fumblerooski says:

    Fresno State beat UConn 45-0 last week, plays in a decent conference, and I expect this will be a competitive game. But what will really be ridiculous is the following game against Stony Brook. Who even knew they had a football team, no less one in a Div. I conference?

  3. Debbie says:

    Good for Mr. Mullen’s. Those funds help support the Fresno State women’s sports teams. Bravo!!!

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