3 Responses to Is it legal for Rob Mullens to make Ducks play with this much smoke?

  1. just different says:

    I skipped the farmers market this morning because I didn’t want to bike in it and breathing is an iffy proposition for me under ideal circumstances.

    Incidentally, it’s better to look at the real-time PM2.5 measurements since the AQI is a composite and averaged over some not-well-specified interval. All the EPA breakpoints are here, but the rule of thumb is 50 is bad for everyone. Now if we could get people to stop burning wood in the winter…

  2. Observer says:

    Check out the thousands of maskless fans (including kids too young to be vaccinated) at this superspreader event yesterday in Autzen Stadium: https://www.oregonlive.com/ducks/2021/09/no-11-oregon-ducks-vs-fresno-state-bulldogs-live-score-updates-analysis.html

    • not an epidemiologist but I play one says:

      Requiring masks (e.g., at football games) and then enforcing none of it is a joke. Of course it’s impossible to enforce rules in a huge crowd. The message is wink, wink, nod, nod, UO is not serious about reducing Covid transmission, including by allowing the “philosophical” (= anti-vaxxer) exemptions.

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