On any Sunday,

you will probably find me in my ’87 Caballero making a run to the Glenwood Transfer Station, Eugene’s finest recycling center and garbage pit. If you’re a friend of the blog and have some stuff to add to the load, drop me an email.

This load cost $32.50 to get rid of. It included a bunch of recyclable cardboard boxes (recycling gets you a $1 discount) as well as a mattress and a boxspring ($12 each to drop off, ouch). Underneath are about 100 lbs of iron from a bedframe and random car parts. Sometimes I take the metal to Schnitzer – if you wait around they’ll pay you a bit for it, but at 6 mpg I’m not sure a special trip is environmentally or economically efficient.

This was my second trip of the day, the first was a load of books to St. Vinnies. Terry McDonald does good work and he knows how to find a good, paying home for your unwanted books. Yes I’m talking to you, Professor!

Special thanks to my daughter for helping load and unload.

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4 Responses to On any Sunday,

  1. Pac8 OG says:

    Meanwhile, in France the dump is free. Don’t ask me how I know, but socialism in action. One of my European colleagues once asked “if you have to pay to throw things away, don’t people just dump it on the side of the road?” I had to answer, um, well, yes…

    • uomatters says:

      When you’ve got 56 nuclear power plants lots of things can be free. Go socialism! For the record that mattress was <3 Roentgens.

  2. New Year Cat says:

    I thought St. Vinnies wanted old mattresses?

  3. I seem to recall that in France the garbage pickup unions will often go on strike and the dumpsters will get so overfilled that, “citizens” will light them on fire.

    ***** Five stars Glenwood station though – but be careful to cover your trash on wet rainy days or your paying for the the water drenched load.

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