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  1. TwoWheelsGood says:

    Jim has been missing from the Rooster for awhile. (Someone let me know where he is!) Also another casualty on 13th is Blue Heron Bicycle shop, which tragically was forced out by The Duck Store. Now without Sue and Louis to fix my flats and service my obsolete bicycle technology, 13th Street is home to only bland food (Yumm sauce is an insult to any reasonable palate), crappy Duck gear, and undrinkable coffee. (Why does Espresso Roma import the same foul smell found at the Ashby branch in Berkeley?).

    • uomatters says:

      You don’t go to Roma for the taste, you go to Roma because you were up all night finishing an r&r and now you have to teach a 9AM class. Sad about the Blue Heron though.

      • It's Classified. says:

        Blue Heron screwed me over more than once. It would be nice if a better bike shop came in for convenience, but otherwise I won’t miss their customer dis-service.

  2. Environmental necessity says:

    A shame. Wonder what becomes of all the Duck memorabilia.

    • TwoWheelsGood says:

      Long gone with the (RIP) passing of Pete. The shop was the Rooster in name only after Pete, and then the departure of Jim, so I can’t say it’s current version will be missed.

      On the other hand, I forgot to mention that 13th still has the funniest joke books in the world. Enjoy them while snacking on beans covered in vegan mayonnaise.

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