Executive Assistant to the Assistant VP for Advancement of Bloat

Executive Assistant to the Assistant VP Advancement, Strategies and Technology Innovation
Location: Eugene, OR 
Closing Date: 
University Advancement is seeking an Executive Assistant to provide executive-level administrative support to the Assistant Vice President of Advancement Strategies and Technology Innovation.

The Advancement Strategies and Technology Innovation department is responsible for the design, development, and implementation of data, technology, process, and policy-related insights and strategies that will provide a comprehensive roadmap for the UO Advancement team to achieve its goals of being able to engage every living constituent. The department has a unique function in that it is based in UO Advancement, but also has a strong working partnership and provides strategic direction to UO Foundation (UOF) staff in collaboration with UO Foundation leadership. …

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3 Responses to Executive Assistant to the Assistant VP for Advancement of Bloat

  1. honest Uncle Gangsta says:

    Would I want my tuition dollars (always rising at hard to justify rates) or my donation (taxed at 5% by the foundation) or my tax dollars used to support this nonsense? Really, it reads like a parody from some scathing anti higher ed website.

  2. Amy Adams says:

    It is indeed a challenge to engage those …non-living…constituents.

  3. Huey Dewey or Louie says:

    I’ve got strategies. Loads of em.

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