Uncle Phil to rip out Moshofsky Center, build 130,000 sq ft indoor facility to ensure “a healthy environment for athletes, coaches and staff”

Makes sense, we all know these pandemics will continue so it’s good to hear that the UO Foundation is accepting tax-deductible contributions to provide well ventilated work-spaces for the most vulnerable unpaid workers and their coaches. Sportico’s Daniel Libit has the news here. Go Ducks!

Around the 0 now has an update, here, from UO law prof Mike Schill. Apparently the Moshofsky Center will not be torn down, and this is all part of our move from mere excellence to “world-class”:

“Our world-class labs, classrooms, residence halls and athletic facilities fuel an undeniable passion and inspire excellence in students, faculty, staff and alumni,” said Michael H. Schill, UO president and professor of law. “This new facility will ensure that our student-athletes can continue to push themselves without limits and compete on a global scale.”

The project, which is slated for completion in 2024, will benefit student athletes in almost all sports by providing additional access to the Moshofsky Center, the current indoor practice facility, said Rob Mullens, director of intercollegiate athletics.  

“The core of our mission here at Oregon is to provide an exceptional student-athlete experience and the best possible opportunity to maximize their potential,” Mullens said.

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14 Responses to Uncle Phil to rip out Moshofsky Center, build 130,000 sq ft indoor facility to ensure “a healthy environment for athletes, coaches and staff”

  1. Mimi says:

    So glad our athletes will be able to “compete on a global scale.” What about our students?

    • Office Lurker says:

      Our athletes are top tier national recruits in what they are coming to college to do. I’m not sure we can say that about any of the students coming here for academic reasons. Think that if we spent a few truck loads of money on swanky residence halls and new advising and student union buildings that would change? … oh wait…

      • just different says:

        And here I was thinking that getting an education is what every student goes to college to “do.”

        • Campus Worker 2 says:

          Fairly certain a significant number of students go to college to qualify for a job with a salary large enough to cover the loan. I’m not confident education has been part of the equation for some time.

      • honest Uncle Bernie says:

        I think you are too down on our students! The best of the best get into top graduate and professional programs. I’ve certainly had students who were Stanford admits, refugees from Williams, admits to Harvard Med School, Berkeley Ph.D., top music graduate programs, etc. We do get some top-notch students who, for whatever reason, end up at UO. I think your attitude is not helpful in bringing more of them to UO. In fact, I’ve always thought the whole state was too down on itself as regards academics. Pound for pound, we could be as good as all but the top public campuses — UO is never going to be Berkeley. But no, I doubt that it is swank residence halls and advising and student union buildings that attract the best. Maybe I’m naive, but I think it’s the academic reputation of the faculty. Check out Caltech or Berekeley or the University of Chicago and I think you’ll see what I mean.

  2. Serge Protektor says:

    “We should rid our ranks of all impotent thinking. All views that overestimate the strength of the enemy and underestimate the strength of the people are wrong”

    Chairman Mao, “The Present Situation and Our Tasks” (1947)

  3. heraclitus says:

    I’m sure all the intramural athletes will really appreciate this new facility.

  4. Mike says:

    “The Persistance of Nike”

  5. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Now to me, the really interesting topic, the most relevant topic, is the role and impact of the “Knight Campus” in the university. Not the athletic facilities, or the Phildo, or the possible unionization of (some?) of the “student-athletes.” A related topic is the role of private fundraising in the future of academics, scholarship, research, and the intellectual environment at UO. But others don’t seem much interested in talking about these things.

  6. Grumpy librarian says:

    Just once I would love it if Pres. Schill would include “libraries” when he talks about our “world class facilities.”

  7. UO Grad says:

    I have a PhD from UO.
    Phil owes UO.
    Not a good thing.
    Sorry for you.

  8. christopher s lee says:

    So, you folks are the people on the south side of Franklin Boulevard. Right? I always wondered what those buildings were

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