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University cans coach after he beats Stanford, but flunks Covid exam

Say what you will about WSU, an ag school in remote eastern Washington, but can you imagine UO doing this?

We currently have roughly 200 employees who were given religious or philosophical exemptions from the vax requirement, based entirely on clicking a box then self-reporting that they’d watched a web clip about vaccines. (Medical exemptions are reportedly very rare.)

According to the Washington Post, the WSU administration takes the global pandemic a bit more seriously than does Johnson Hall:

In perhaps the most striking case to date of a public employee being terminated because of a coronavirus vaccine mandate, Washington State football coach Nick Rolovich was dismissed Monday, the school announced, after not adhering to a statewide order issued by Gov. Jay Inslee in August. He was the state’s highest-paid employee at $3.2 million per year, and he had remained unvaccinated up to the state’s vaccination deadline of Monday. …

On Monday, the university dismissed him. A committee had been scheduled to review his request for a religious exemption, a request he had kept silent until a mentor, retired coach June Jones, revealed it in an interview with USA Today this month. The outcome of Rolovich’s request was uncertain Monday; even if the committee had cleared him for the exemption, he would have faced more arduous mandate hurdles, including the need to demonstrate he worked in a job without extensive up-close human interaction.

Any guesses as to how many of UO’s objectors are paid by the Ducks?

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  1. Bill H. 10/19/2021

    Does it matter? That’s their organization. Their state rules. It will just result in more litigation which will continue to sink the Wazzu athletic department into deeper debt that Bill Moos sunk them into. Thus raising fees for students and staff.

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