Duck AD Rob Mullens rummages through coaches couch cushions, finds $3M for student athletes

Thanks to several members of Pres Schill’s Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Committee for forwarding this secret memo, along with the email from “Faculty” Athletics Rep Tim Gleason, below. NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION:

From: Tim Gleason 
Sent: Monday, November 22, 2021 10:49 AM
To: Kristyn Elton <>; Christopher Minson <>; tom lininger <>; Troy Elias <>; Anne ‘Michelle’ Wood <>; Katy Lenn <>; Anita Weiss <>; Joshua Gordon <>; Kylie Robinson <>; Jack Scanlon <>; Stephanie Prentiss <>; Roger Thompson <>; Kimberly Johnson <>; Stephen Stolp <>; Rob Mullens <>; Lisa Peterson <>
Cc: Ceara Wilson <>; Ellen Laing <>; Lauren Crockett <>
Subject: Re: Urgent IAAC meeting

IAAC members,

Attached is the draft Alston policy that we will discuss tomorrow at 11:00 am. Please note that this is a draft and it should not be distributed beyond the IAAC. Thanks for finding time for this meeting.


Tim Gleason

Professor of Journalism

Faculty Athletics Representative

Coordinator, SOJC Hall of Achievement & Eric Allen Award

School of Journalism and Communication

University of Oregon

Eugene, OR 97403-1275

541-346-3739 (office)

541-914-0739 (cell)

541-346-0682 (fax)

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4 Responses to Duck AD Rob Mullens rummages through coaches couch cushions, finds $3M for student athletes

  1. Poor GE says:

    In other news, my landlord just raised my rent by just under ~10%. (Last year the rent increase was also just under 10%.)

    Rent already accounts for ~65% of my income. I can’t find a cheaper place to live. My food bill is also going up. Not sure how I will buy groceries. Thinking about foodbanks. Anyone have experience with selling plasma in Eugene? I’m not hot enough for OnlyFans.

    I’m glad that UO has so much money to spend on athletics and the law school. Oregon def needs more attorneys and sportsball players.

    • honest Uncle Bernie says:

      GE — I feel for you. The world apparently is sending you a message: get the hell outta here! Because the odds are fairly good it won’t get better. You wanna be an adjunct at age 40, 50? I don’t know enough about your situation to really give advice. But a Eugenean, a UO ph.d. (who did put together a good career) once gave me some really goid advice: “Adjust or leave. Because it’s not going to change for you.” Devise a plan, or else escape. There is a better life somewhere, doing something. But if you think your rent is going to get rescued by the athletic program, you’re just dreaming. Don’t count on the GE union, either. Many people would look at the pay scale — $40K top for 9 mo. FTE with tuition remit + health ins — and say that diesn’t sound so bad. Remember, you are here because you have chosen it.

    • Penguin says:

      @Poor GE. This does sound tough, but (1) HUB is right. Ask yourself if your present situation is good or not, whether you’re preparing yourself for a good career or not, and so on. If the answer is no, bail. That’s a totally fine thing to do. The decision is yours, and you should do what’s best. Don’t let faculty tell you that there’s nothing worthwhile outside academia. (2) if you have the typical GE salary, 65% of this is $1200-1300/month. Most GEs I know have roommates, and combining a few times $1200 gets a pretty good place, especially if you’re biking (not walking) distance to campus. You probably know this, but I thought I’d write anyway.

  2. cruel irony duck says:

    Wish it were otherwise, but HUB is right. The economy is an unthinking force with unfathomable inertia, and it commands us all to its will. I’ve spent some years resisting this force modestly, and even at that level, it’s both difficult to endure and difficult to see the benefits of.

    If you’re single, maybe time for a marriage of convenience. Cheaper now, though perhaps awful or crazy expensive in the long run.

    Alternatively, when I was in grad school, there were always one or two beatniks living in their offices (or cars), using the gym for showers, and eating off of the office snack tray. If you have no dependents, you could do worse.

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