10 Responses to Knight Campus throws shade on Urban Farm

  1. Dogmatic Ratios says:

    The Urban Farm is an oasis of sanity and healing, providing anyone who visits a breath of hope for a future regenerative return to sensitive, intelligent, sustainable agriculture.

    The Knight Campus is so awful in appearance that, on a beautiful day, it sucks the life out of everything around it. But it’s not only hard to look at. It’s a billionaire’s regressive, monopoly-capitalist colonization of education, funding the enchantment of students into wage-slavery for an industrialism that we should be dismantling now, as fast as we can.

    The older project represents the ecological future we need. The newer project represents everything that is destroying the planet.

  2. Eternal Skeptic says:

    “They’re not going to adjust the footprint of a half a billion dollar project for a couple of fruit trees,” he said…

    … is pretty much a flawless start for a really terrific dystopian science fiction novel. So, ideal symbolism for the UO.

    • John H says:

      Why the hell should they. I don’t see billions of dollars of investments on fruit trees.
      Plenty of forest to plant those trees in outside of campus. Think smarter and stop whining like a baby

      • New Year Cat says:

        It depends. I don’t know anything about those particular trees, but IF they were research trees that were being studied for resilience to a much hotter climate, then moving the boundary of a parking lot would make sense since the study could impact our future food system. In any case, I find it ridiculous that blacktop always wins out over living beings. Any trees are a help to our climate at this point. Park fewer cars over there — we have busses direct to campus anyhow.

        • just different says:

          Exactly. It’s infuriating that people have a massive sense of entitlement about parking and roads, but not about better public transit and bike/ped infrastructure. Imagine how much nicer the world would be if those priorities were reversed.

  3. Mike says:

    The only science needed is Nikescience.

  4. Ticai says:

    Don’t care about two trees, or five. Could care less that a little land is going to a new building.

    Care a whole lot more about the collective decision to go net zero. When are we doing that, exactly? Shouldn’t we pushing it like mad?

    • Greg says:

      Why haven’t you started?

      • Ticai says:

        I have. I sold my internal combustion car. Later this year I’ll be switching off the furnace in favor of an electric heat pump. I’ve adapted my diet to be more climate friendly. I plan to be carbon neutral, but the biggest source of my own emissions is my job. I would like to work for an employer that helps me abate those sources. (Greg, thanks for assuming the worst of other commenters, it helps keeping this a friendly forum.)

  5. moss defender says:

    Mike is right – Nikelaw was a early big step. We now are at the cusp of our chance to design, enhance and brand and quietly patent the first Nike human. Years ago Dave F had his ” Transforming Lives” gimmick….well he was on the board of NIH I am pretty sure, so now we face the widely unknown and misunderstood agenda….the Transhumanism movement. The most obvious warning was the NYT article years ago “In Pursuit of Doped Excellence”. The average UO student does not matter at the new Nike shadowcampus because they are simply obsolete. perhaps a new slogan for that facility -“make friends here”