Latest UO vax requirement tests economics professor

It sounds so simple in the email. The reality was far uglier:

  1. Click qualtrix link in email
  2. Find phone so you can use duo
  3. Take photos of front and back of vax card
  4. Discover your phone has not synced photos to your laptop for 2 months
  5. Google “iphoto sync problem”
  6. Discover no one knows how to fix iphoto sync problems, least of all Apple
  7. Find icloud password, login to icloud
  8. Copy image of photos to desktop using command shift 4
  9. Drag photos to qualtrix survey
  10. Click box affirming you are not lying.

And I was happy to do it. Honest.

Today’s email:

Federal Employee Vaccination Requirement To comply with the federal vaccination requirement, UO employees must take additional steps to verify their vaccination or exemption status by December 6. UO employees are required to:

  • Submit an online form and either:
    • Upload a copy of their vaccination card or 
    • Complete and upload a medical or religious exemption form

Students who are not employees do not need to complete this process. Learn more on the vaccination webpage.

Instructor Classroom Update: The Corona Corps will now notify instructors if a student in their class tests positive for COVID-19. For privacy reasons, instructors will not be provided the name of students. Instructors should not send out an all-class notification. The Corona Corps will contact all identified close contacts and determine whether an all-class notificaiton is necessary. The UO’s high vaccination rate, mandated masking, and high levels of testing are yielding very low levels of positive tests. UO relies on case investigation and careful contact tracing to identify specific individuals who might be considered close contacts. In a majority of instances, case investiations reveal that a student was not in specific classes during their period of transmissiblity. This makes all-class exposure notifications unnecessary with many classes. 

New Self-Test Option for Designated Events: COVID-19 self-tests that have been approved for international travel into the U.S., can now be used for entry to designated events. This includes UO athletic events. The test must meet certain criteria including real time supervision by a telehealth service affiliated with the manufacturer of the test. Full requirements can be found on the Designated Events page

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24 Responses to Latest UO vax requirement tests economics professor

  1. Old Gray Mare says:

    I emailed the pictures to myself, downloaded the files, saved as .jpg, and entered them.

    • uomatters says:

      No Polaroids?

      • Tug o' the Forelock says:

        Yeah, I missed needing the back of the form (why? proof it’s not forged?) so had to go to the scanner a second time. But like you, happy they’re taking this step, and also curious what it’ll do to our reported vax compliance numbers.

      • Old Gray Mare says:

        No, it was a daguerreotype.

  2. just different says:

    Meanwhile on Android, Google Drive/Photos also works like shit. Isn’t the “invisible hand” supposed to fix stuff like this?

    • uomatters says:

      Ok, that hurt. But as Adam Smith pointed out it doesn’t work with cartels.

  3. Dog says:

    Seems to me it would a lot simpler for faculty to have departmental scanning services to satisfy this upload need.

    • uomatters says:

      Simpler for faculty, you mean.

      • Dog says:

        I said faculty – but office staff, grad students, postdocs would all
        benefit from this. Its just like teaching remotely, here you go, have fun, we will give you no resources, so its total amateur hour. Same thing here …

        • uomatters says:

          Sorry Dog, but the Boy Scout code is that everyone should be able to do a few basic things for themselves: make a fire without a match, put a tourniquet on the arm of the guy who cut the wood, and post the photos on facebook.

          • Dog says:

            its not that simple

            a) most people took a cell phone picture of their card – its non-trivial to upload that

            b) most people only took a picture of one side – so re scanning
            is necessary

            c) I would really like to see you make a fire without a match –
            I have successfully done that one time in my life and it was certainly not easy. Post your fire-making video on Facebook …

            • Capy says:

              The website works on mobile devices, so you can take pictures of the card and upload directly from your camera roll (on iPhone at least). It was easy enough that I accidentally forgot I had done it already and did it a second time.

            • Never an Eagle Scout says:

              Modern cell phones have actually made a lot of these tasks easier. Just puncture the Li-ion battery with a rock and you’ll have yourself a nice, hot fire.

            • Old Gray Mare says:

              Fire without a match: bic lighter and drip torch.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you want a real test, read this. (Or just cheat and skip to Table 2.)

    Cruel irony inbound in 5, 4, 3, …

    • Anonymous says:

      Ironic scientism is the best kind of scientism.

      • cruel irony duck says:


        The University (as well as the US administration) seems to be assuming that anyone who thought it was a good idea to get vaccinated would also be fully in favor of firing anyone anywhere that felt that being vaccinated was not the best for them and their family.

        Does this really follow? Are we about to see UO’s staff (literally) decimated? Is anyone up there even contemplating what might be about to happen in four weeks?

        • cruel irony duck says:

          Also, I’m a bit surprised to see the complacent reaction to the University administration declaring that “philosophical reasons” are of no importance. The professor hippies of my youth questioned authority, and I miss them dearly. Where have you gone, Abbie Hoffman?

    • just different says:

      Great! And now you can also tell us which right-wing websites are twisting the results of this study to pretend that it supports their lies about the vaccine!

      • cruel irony duck says:

        No idea. The paper is a hard read, and I don’t think it’s been covered anywhere outside of science blogs.

        Maybe it won’t hold up. N is small. And yet, “break-through infection” is indeed a very common phrase in the news these days.

        If nothing else, it suggests that you should not assume that being vaccinated confers any help with not passing infections along. Wear your mask and stay well-distanced, lest you “kill grandma” by assuming you can no longer pass the bug.

        And since there is zero data on the long-term effects of these vaccines, well, keep your fingers firmly crossed, as I am.

  5. um says:

    We do all realize that ~20K UO students are routinely required to submit their assignments this way on Canvas? Just sayin’….

  6. Leporillo says:

    I did mine on the Xerox, and that got me wondering…

    Does anyone have an idea how difficult it would be to forge the card? (The words Dead Simple come to mind).

    Even the Oregon Country Fair knows make that type of forgery difficult, but I guess the stakes are so much higher if you really want to sleep there.

    Glad UO Admin is as careful about this as they are with campus nighttime security.

    Don’t we spend a lot on UOPD? I wish they’d tell the truth about major incidents like the armed intruder at Knight Law. Instead they issued a BOMB threat.

    When did he capture the students?
    How did he get from Knight to Hamilton?
    Why didn’t the cops alert and/or protect the UO employees (the janitorial staff) instead of letting them roam around the halls when they knew they had an armed intruder?

    • cruel irony duck says:

      Note that there is a central registry of vaccinations. It seems to be pretty easy to access, as my doctor’s office already knew about my vaccinations before I mentioned it.