State economists deliver still more good news on state revenues, just in time for raises

They’re going to have to stop calling it the dismal science. Today’s release is at

Given this on top of all the other good news about UO’s out-of-state enrollment, CARES funds, and cost savings from the hiring freeze etc., it will be fun listening to Pres Schill at today’s Senate meeting (3PM on zoom here) attempting to explain why UO can’t afford to give employees raises that make up for inflation and our falling position relative to the AAU peers.

Revenue Summary

Oregon’s primary sources of state tax revenues continue to outstrip expectations. Since the September forecast
was released, daily collection records have been set for both personal income tax withholdings and corporate
tax collections. In addition, Lottery sales continue to set records for this time of year.

Recent forecasts have called for tax collections to return to earth. Federal aid has expired, and economic activity
is beginning to return to normal with workers reentering the labor force, returning to offices and spending more
on services. Instead of normalizing, however, revenue growth has accelerated further. …

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7 Responses to State economists deliver still more good news on state revenues, just in time for raises

  1. thedude says:

    Current admin position (both Schill and Moffit said this today).

    We can’t afford permanent raises for temporary inflation.

    All economists: Temporary inflation is a permanent increase in prices.

    • uomatters says:

      True. Don’t even need an economist, even physicists understand the diff between stocks and flows.

    • honest Uncle Bernie says:

      will be interesting to see them apply this to tuition.

  2. Mike says:

    Sure need to get rid of the kicker. Especially for Richie Rich.

  3. Duck OA says:

    Tried to warn you after the OA meeting. Nobody argued so she probably figured we bought it. Eager to see if CBA leverage makes a difference. Hope so.

  4. Rixhard Bohloff says:

    How have UO’s revenues been from the trustees? Their raison d’etre was supposed to be weaning our reliance on state tax revenues or tuition hikes via their donations to the foundation.

    • thedude says:

      Connie Balmer is the only I know of that has made high profile donations while being a trustee.