13 Responses to UO Matters calls it: UO Campus Covid is so over

  1. John H says:

    With the way Biden is flushing this country down the toilet and now illegals will get $400,000 for breaking the law. The Republicans will win 80% of the elections the next 3 years. At least AOC wore a dress.

  2. thedude says:

    Updated data-

    Guess we’re up to 16.

    Still the spirit is the same. Cases are down. Students wear masks on campus. They are 97 percent vaccinated and party their asses off when off campus. Good for them.

    • uomatters says:

      And now it’s 19. Will no one rid us of these troublesome facts? Or at least update them correctly? https://coronavirus.uoregon.edu/cases

      • cruel irony duck says:

        First, and by far most importantly, if I die from the bug, I feel it’s a crucial honor that my death be reported in a bar chart that is appropriately themed to the UO color scheme.

        Second, the level of science here has fallen through the floor at supersonic speeds. Sort of a “China Syndrome” for our time. Not sure it’s as dubious as the data econ papers are based on, but we’re getting close. :-)

        Third, it’s entirely possible, if not likely, that nothing we have done about COVID has made any difference at all. If there’s an exception, it’s that the vaccines have kept those vaccinated from dying. But that’s about it. It’s not a sin; rather, maybe a Kobayashi Maru. And we’re failing it.

        The good news, such as it is, is that the mandates will start to bite hard soon, and our society will tear itself apart. Buy more beans and more ammo. You heard it here first.

        • uomatters says:

          Thanks for this comment, Cruel. I will do my best to ensure that you are buried in the Pioneer Cemetery beneath a headstone with full box and whiskers honors. Assuming you are a dues-paying union member, of course.

          • cruel irony duck says:

            Nothing would please me more. And if the union would allow me, I’d happily pay. Apparently I’m beneath the pale, unfortunately.

            I see in today’s missive from our Branch Covidians at UO that we now have until Jan 14 or so (back from Dec 6) to bend the knee. One assumes that either they realized that hundreds if not thousands of staff are about to walk, or that Brandon’s about to lose big time in federal court. Or both.

            The cruel irony here is that even if UO completely walks this back, a significant number are likely to quit anyway. Some bells cannot be un-rung. No one likes to be threatened.

            I miss the old days. When you had a pool of raw sewage pouring out of your toilet, you didn’t ask who your plumber voted for, what xir’s pronouns were, nor even if they knew which fork to use for their salad. It only mattered that they fixed things.

          • just different says:

            Folks, here’s why those “political litmus tests” during hiring are so important. You can’t fix stupid, bigoted, and hostile. Instead of wasting time and money trying to DEI after the fact, it’s way better to just not let these people in the door.

            • cruel irony duck says:

              As far as it goes, if the litmus test for “stupid, bigoted, and hostile” had been around when I applied, I wouldn’t have been hired, nor would I have even tried. Nor if there was a litmus test for “doesn’t tow the line, disagrees with the hegemony, or is just generally cussed”. It’s hard to understand how a University could imagine itself a place for people that think for themselves. For shame.

              I did recently find myself an accidental admission to a hiring committee session. It was the worst such I’ve seen in all of my years. It was clear that the various deans or whatever suspected that the candidate might have voted for Trump (Trump!) and spent about half of the interview attempting to triangulate the candidate with a barrage of questions regarding diversity, all the while frowning and obviously sending hateful glances. (Never mind that the job was essentially high-level plumbing, having no impact on the ideology of the University.) But, as it will please you to hear, he was not hired.

              On a different topic, I was ferociously pleased to discover recently that “duckspeak” is a thing. Courtesy of Orwell, no less. Behold: https://www.orwelltoday.com/duckspeak.shtml

  3. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Ugh. UO blows it again with the covid reporting. So bush league.

    And the rate for the past week is not low. About the same as Lane County as a whole. Which is still high.

    Sure, UO may have more testing. But still, disappointing. The vaccines very disappointing at stopping the contagion. Students, keep your distance!
    Supposedly the booster is far better.